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    We do what we do as missionaries supported by people like you.

    We also prefer to give away as much content as we can, and not cloud that issue with a lot of public requests. That said, we do have specific needs that are met by people who believe the work we do has value.

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Welcome to RandyBohlender.com, proof that just about anyone can navigate GoDaddy and buy a url.

Who am I?

I’m a Christian. I know the vogue phrase is Christ-follower and Christian has a lot of baggage, but so do I. I’m doing the best I can (most days) to reflect Jesus to the world. Some days I get close. Some days, He’s unrecognizable by my reflection, but I’m trying.

I’m a husband. Kelsey and I have been married over 20 years. She is an amazing friend who challenges me to new heights every day. I married up. Most men do. In 20 more years, she and I will still be laughing. Maybe at you. Definitely at ourselves and our expanding tribe.

I’m a dad. We have three sons and four daughters.  Yes, I know. We look too young. It’s the internet – it takes ten years off of everyone (ask anyone who met someone through eHarmony). Having a family of this size gives a blogger a lot of material. If you read here long, you’ll learn a lot about my kids. Perhaps more than you’d ask. I make no apologies. I’m learning a ton about life and love from them.

I’m an Early Adopter. And I mean this on several levels…words, gadgets, and children.   Kelsey and I launched The Zoe Foundation for reasons cited here.  You cannot know much about me without understanding my heart for this.

I’m an intercessory missionary. I work with the International House of Prayer, TheCall, and The Zoe Foundation.


4 Responses

  1. Randy
    Just wanted to say Hi! And also to tell you that your interesting life makes some of ours look SO boring! LOL

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading about your family (which absolutely gorgeous btw)!

    Wishing you the BEST in 2009!


  2. Don’t forget your secret militia longings as the Gun Club founder and president.

  3. Yes! I am a faithful reader of your blog. It gives me my laugh for the day. Your life rocks!!!!
    I wish I lived in America so i could hang out at your house and watch you guys in action.
    Or..maybe I just wish i was a fly on your wall so I can see the real stuff….
    orrr..I guess your blogs work just as well! haha!

  4. I am soooo enjoying your blog. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am an adoptive mom of six so far…my husband and I are completely blessed and looking so forward to adding more to our tribe as well. I will be stoping by more often! Thanks again….

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