The Myth of the Blank Sheet of Paper

Kelsey and I are at a unique place in life.  We find ourselves talking and praying about what is next for us.  We thought we had that part figured out, but we were wrong…and it’s ok to be wrong.  It’s an opportunity to make adjustments and get things into alignment with heaven.

I’ve had several people tell me to look at the future like a completely blank sheet of paper.  Given a sharp, new pencil, what would we draw on that sheet?   I love that idea. Who doesn’t like new school supplies?  Who doesn’t like boundless opportunity?

Except that idea is a little off.

The paper is not blank.  I’m 52, not 25.  I have experiences, opinions, strengths, hangups, and quirks that I didn’t have when we started this journey.  We have a few miles on us – the vast majority of them were wonderful. A few were unexpected.  We may have gone off roading a few times.  We don’t regret them but we can’t deny them either.

No, the paper isn’t blank.  The corner is crinkled and there’s a coffee stain and there’s that one thing I started to write one time and rubbed the eraser too hard until I tore a small hole.   Our future is not going to be pulled from the ream of paper, it’s going to be written on something that’s been in our backpack for a while.  Parts of it have been carried around for years.

I actually think that makes it a better story.  There are rich characters and plot twists and a backstory that all make for a better future.  A blank sheet of paper is for those without a history.   We are not those people.

I’d appreciate your help.  Would you pray with us about the next phase of our lives?  For something that encompasses who we are?   We need to hear from heaven and we trust that we will.




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