47 years

Every year on January 22, I try to acknowledge a painful truth – the number of years we have legally killed unborn children in the United States.

Forty seven years ago today, the Supreme Court handed down Roe v. Wade.  I know that there are those who would say it’s settled law and we should move on to other arguments, but slavery was settled law.    We changed it.

Take a look at the photo below.


This is Scout.  He’s my boy.

Scout is nearly five.  He likes stuffed animals and preschool and planets and the movie Frozen 2….and every day, I thank God Scout alive.  Because before he was nearly five….at one point, he was unborn.

He was not only unborn, he was conceived in less than optimal circumstances.  A birth mother with some life controlling issues.  A birth father with issues of his own.

Had his birth mom wandered into a Planned Parenthood rather than a Pregnancy Clinic like she did, I know what they would have told her.  Can you imagine how wrong they would have been?

There was a point in the existence of Scout where it would have been entirely legal to take his life.  We are so grateful that his birth mom chose life and chose us.  The entire world is richer because of Scout.

Life is beautiful.  Some day, life will be valued as well.

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