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There is no manual for raising multiples. There are simply some things that happen between multiples that defy prediction or explanation.

Anna River and Mercy Rain look similar – they’re not identical – but their personalities are very different.

  • Mercy wants to cuddle with you.
  • Anna wants to flash her million dollar smile and run so you chase her.
  • When they play with their babies, Anna calls Mercy “Mother…”, as if Anna is one of the dolls.
  • Their verbal communication is different in cadence and and sound.  When she gets intense, Anna. accentuates. every. word.   Mercy sounds a little like Kate Jackson.

For all their differences, they are inseparable.  Whoever wakes up first immediately goes to find the other.  They hug and have their own coded twin conversations that I imagine goes something like this…

Mercy:  “What are we going to do today, Anna?”

Anna: “What do we do every day?  Try to take over the world….”.*

A few days ago, one fo them reached over and scratched her sisters’ head, only to have the other twin say “how did you know my head itched?”   Most parents of twins can tall you some sort of story of a mind meld like this.  Two, but one.  It’s eerie and it’s fun.

I wonder if our perspective of individualism is primarily self propagated.   What if we weren’t as individual as we thought? What if we shared more than opinions…what if our existence was more closely tied to others than we think?

There’s a grove of Aspen trees in Colorado that covers over 100 acres. Scientists call it the Pando.   It would appear that hundreds of trees grow in this grove…but they don’t.  It’s one male Aspen tree.  The root system is not simple entangled, it’s one root.   From the top, they appear to be individual.  Below the surface, there is a connection that goes unnoticed unless you dig a little deeper.

What if there’s a sort of collective conscience…a groupthink that determines things like trends or social mores.  What if we’re not as independent as we think.

Scratching my own head on this one.  Does yours itch?

*shoutout to pinky and the brain

** photo credit: Grayson Bohlender


2 Responses

  1. Randy! Stop it! I get nothing done when you post!
    Dis was verdy gooooood!

  2. I agree KELLY! I love those twinnies 🙂

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