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Copious Consumption, Finite Fulfilment

I stumbled into the kitchen this morning as I do most other days.  With robot-like precision I made myself my drink of choice:  A four shot americano.

Twenty minutes later, my email was thinned, the news was read, and the americano was gone.  I grabbed a shower and started tossing things in my bag to head to the prayer room.  On a whim, I fixed myself another americano.  Yes, with four more shots.

Two hours later, I dropped by the house to pick something up.  I had a sudden urge for more coffee, so I reached for the grinder, amazed at my seemingly insatiable appetite for coffee.  What had gotten into me?  I was drinking this like water.

Jackson, seeing what I was doing, asked “You switched to decaf?”

Me:  “Huh?”

Jackson: “That’s decaf.”

Oh.  That explains a lot.

This is how I could down eight shots of espresso in forty minutes and feel nothing.  This is how I could be thinking about coffee again a few hours later.

What struck me as odd was how I could continue to consume the same thing without thinking about it – even when it was completely unsatisfying – and continued to reach for more.

The implications for consumers everywhere is huge.

Movies.  Books.  Relationships.  Achievements.  The interwebs.

Much consumption, little satisfaction, much reaching for more.


3 Responses

  1. I should be latching on to the spiritual application here. But first, I will tell you I once secretly switched out all Richy’s coffee with decaf FOR A MONTH, as an experiment, if the whole coffee thing was a placebo.

    He seemed normal but later when I “busted” him, he said “That’s why I’ve been drinking 5 pots a day!” Mystery solved. Coffee does work, I guess.

  2. Hilarious and sad at the same time. Diligently working the same plan and expecting better results. Help me Jesus!

  3. .5% of the caffeine. there’s still a little in it…

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