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22 things I’m thinking as I near 44

I turn the big four four on Saturday, and these are things I’ve thought about recently.

  1. Unless it’s heart surgery, I’d take an innovative amateur over an established professional almost every time.
  2. A lot of grandfathers bring their grandsons to soccer practice.  Unless those are the dads, looking at me thinking the same thing.
  3. I miss driving my Montero, especially with it mocking me in the driveway because of a wiring demon.
  4. Grayson has doubled in size this year – it’s amazing.  And he’s fun.
  5. I’m grateful for a few new relationships.  Sometimes you meet people and the friendship goes warp speed.
  6. The first three years at IHOP seemed like ten.  The next five felt like two.  Tomorrow is the new yesterday.
  7. I over promised when I said I’d write two books this year, but saying it did force me to write a lot more, which was extremely cathartic.
  8. I realized today that I like interviewing people to fill staff roles.  I’m also glad I’m intuitive, because I don’t think I’m a great interviewer, but I hire great people.
  9. I’m proud of Adam and Melody Mosley.  They moved from Tennessee to Ohio with us, newly married at 19 years of age, and have turned out a-mazing.
  10. The Rolo McFlurry is the reason God made McDonalds.
  11. If you start writing an email five or six times and hit delete before sending it, just admit it doesn’t need to be sent and move on.
  12. Kelsey Bohlender is generally known for being amazing, and you don’t know the half of it.  Glad I married young and above my station.
  13. Apparently when you owe the IRS money you need to pay it immediately, but if they owe you, than can post a message on the website saying “we’re reviewing your information….” for months with no progress.  Let the reader understand.
  14. I have played the same elaborate trick on several groups of people in the past ten years.  More on the podcast about that.
  15. Thanks to Grandma B, my daughters have an unusual affection for the Gaithers.
  16. There are so many fascinating places and people in the US that I’d be happy to travel within our borders for years.  So much to see, no need for a passport.
  17. When you’re dedicated to a few core things, the peripherals matter less and less.
  18. Some people look forward to retirement.  I look forward to the twins sleeping all night.
  19. A mentor once told me it’s ok to let people think you’re kind of goofy.  They cut you more slack that way.
  20. I’m not sure how long a watermelon lasts before going bad because in our house, they disappear in hours.
  21. Going back to the 6am prayer sets has been water on my soul.
  22. I’m glad i didn’t commit to a list of 44 things.

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