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Hello, friends.

I got home yesterday afternoon to find the four little girls on the verge of house crazy.  If you have small children, you understand.  There is an undeniable medicinal quality in just getting out of the house, and they needed a dose.  Zion had soccer practice so we loaded up all four girls and drove over to the field.  While ZB drilled balls into the net, Kelsey and I took Zoe, Anna, Mercy and The Pipe to a playground full of children.

The three smallest ran excitedly from one piece of playground equipment to the next.  Piper found great joy in throwing mulch onto the sidewalk while the twins found a teeter totter.

As I said, the play ground was full of children.   We didn’t realize it at the time, but we were inadvertently crashing a local Hebrew kindergarten summer party.  I got a  few stares with my my non-kosher glasses but everyone was friendly.  And Zoe was in heaven.

Zoe is a socialite.  She ran to the middle of the mob of children, found a girl her age and announced “I’m Zoe whats your name lets play!”.  No typos there.  It was one sentence.  It was nearly one word.  The little girl was a little taken back by it for a moment, but before long, Zoe had coordinated her and 3 others into a playing a game that must have been called “Zoe is the boss” or something.

At one point I was trying to usher my girls into a corner of the fenced playground where I could easy keep an eye on them.  You do that with four.  I had to break up the game of “Zoe is the boss” and redirect my girls around the edge of the building.  Zoe was a little dismayed until we made our way around the corner and she saw more girls playing in the area we were heading.

She smiled, pointed and announced “Look daddy!  More friends!”.  With that she ran up to them and started teaching them the game.

This morning I’m asking God for the child like faith in people that Zoe has.  The kind that points at strangers and says “Look!  New friends!”

Surely that perspective is good for one’s heart and the Kingdom of God.

One Response

  1. i love this chief, “Out of the mouth of Zoe”. You really ought to write a book on her wisdom.

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