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Time to Respond

We’re gearing up to head to Houston next week for The Response, a historic solemn assembly in Reliant Stadium.  If you’ve tracked with us for a while, you know we’ve been involved in The Call for years.  I actually directed those events for a season and have stage managed nine or ten of them.  The Call itself is headed to Detroit in November – I’m sure we’ll have a hand in that event as well.

The Response is unique, however, in that it was suggested by a sitting governor.  

Months ago, Texas Governor Rick Perry mentioned to a member of his team that the nation really needed a prayer meeting to deal with it’s woes.   That person talked to another person, who called a friend….and people decided that if the Governor would ask people to pray, we’d do our best to provide a forum for it.

Kelsey and I were asked by the leaders to get involved based on our experience in these events.  The Response was actually named around our kitchen table as the team brainstormed with a group of pizza-fueled teens and twenty somethings.

The Governor’s role in all this has brought an unusual bit of notoriety to the event.  It seems governors are allowed to posture, boast and threaten, but the one thing they’re not allowed to do is admit that perhaps politicians do not have all the answers and that it’s time to call on God or mention the book of Joel.

A portion of the kickback comes from the media, resulting from misinformation (a polite way for saying lies) regarding Governor Perry’s role in this.  Contrary to what you might hear, he isn’t organizing it.  The State of Texas isn’t paying for it.  All of that is being done privately. I’d go so far as to say I’m 90% sure he hasn’t seen the rough program.  I’m 100% sure he hasn’t seen the final, because it’s still in morph.  If you really thought the state was paying for this, I could understand the outrage.  If you know better and still press the issue, my guess is you just want to grouse and are playing fast and loose with the facts.

Another bit of resistance comes from the church, because the Governor might have a political position that they don’t.  The question has been asked “Is he one of us or not?” because they don’t want to appear to endorse someone they don’t agree with.   Their error is in assuming that their most powerful weapon is voting rather than praying.

Kelsey and I are working hard on this event, and I’ll be the first to tell you I’d need to read a lot more and ask a lot more questions before I’d vote for Rick Perry.  He said some things this week that made me scratch my head…but he didn’t ask me to vote for him.  Or agree with him.   He asked us to pray with him.

Maybe it’s just me.  I’ve prayed with homeless people who smelled like the floor of a liquor store, I’ve prayed with pagan fire dancers who wondered what motivated us to befriend them, I’ve prayed with my car mechanic when his wife had cancer, and I’ll pray with any governor who asks me to, providing they don’t dictate the terms of who I pray to.

Governor Perry has been very clear this event is about Jesus, and I’m about Jesus, so I’m in.

Join us in Reliant Stadium in Houston on August 6th.*  I’ll be the guy stage managing in the black shirt.

Can’t make it to Houston? Two words:  Web Stream.  From The Response website.


2 Responses

  1. yes and amen.

  2. Wow-thanks for sharing all of that! Matthew and I appreciated your comments. We are excited about praying together with you guys on that day.

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