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A Little Schooling on Confidence

I took Zion to soccer practice this week and got a little schooling myself.

They were practicing indoors on a Wall Ball court. It’s something akin to racquetball, sans racquets.  Having had enough of using his feet, ZB is pictured here using his head.

After Wall Ball, they transitioned to a scaled down, indoor soccer field small enough to play a one on one shoot out.  For accomplished ten year old boys, this means alternating between drilling the ball at your opponents head and getting it drilled back at you.  It’s fast paced and appears dangerous.

Zion was paired off to play mano a mano with another boy, or rather boyo a boyo. Like any dad, I wondered how he’d stack up. Waiting on the sidelines, I whispered “Do you think you can take him?”

The boy of few words looked me in the eye for a moment, pondered it, and replied “Definitely.”

I chuckled at the brashness, then watched as the ball would rocket off his right foot into the goal.  Ten minutes later they emerged, buddies with a friendship forged in battle.  Zion had won but it had been no cakewalk. He’d earned it – and barely.

I thought more about his answer.  Definitely.  It sounded cocky in the moment, but in retrospect, it wasn’t a guarantee.  It was an answer about what was possible.

I’d asked “Can you take him?”  He was sure he could, but he still had to go do it.  It was in the realm of the possible…but it still required him to get onto the field and do his part.

I want to grow as confident in what is possible as I am of what is certain.  What is possible if I do my part and He does His?  Do I have faith for that?  Definitely.

Note: ZB would have you  know that the smaller photo is two years old.  I just remembered having seen that look before.  Definitely.

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