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Vision is the easy part

In most leadership circles, there are more books on vision than any other topic.  The Christian world is not blind to the value of vision, often reminding itself that without a vision, the people perish.  We’ve super-gued peoples’ survival to the vision of their leader.

The unspoken truth is that sometimes, even with a vision, people perish.

Vision is a heart beat but it’s not life support.  You can have most audacious vision, best equipped team, and a perfectly executable plan but still manage to work in some time for misery, tension and disappointment.

This is especially true when we say ‘vision’ while what we really mean is ‘restless’.

What we’re lacking is a corresponding emphasis on contentment.  Being content is not antithetical to being a visionary.  It’s godly to be a person of vision and the Bible says godliness with contentment is great gain, so those two need to be spoken of in the same breath.

Make sure your vision is a calling to something rather than just a mental escape hatch from your current situation.  If you can’t muster a measure of contentment where you are, the chances of finding it over the rainbow drop exponentially.


2 Responses

  1. “If you can’t muster a measure of contentment where you are, the chances of finding it over the rainbow drop exponentially”

    Randy, I love that! It’s a nice measuring stick to go by when thinking we should move on or “escape”.

  2. Wow.

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