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    updated 8.29.11

    We do what we do as missionaries supported by people like you.

    We also prefer to give away as much content as we can, and not cloud that issue with a lot of public requests. That said, we do have specific needs that are met by people who believe the work we do has value.

    If you'd like a short list of immediate financial needs, you can find it HERE.


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    • The second week of our series', MADE FOR, is posted on iTunes. >> itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/hil… 3 hours ago
    • I understand Liberty grads expressing anger, but mailing back a diploma is only powerful if you quit the job you got with the degree. 4 hours ago
    • Does anyone know what time the eclipse is? I’ve been in Target getting a few things and I don’t want to miss it. 6 hours ago
    • I can’t tell if that’s a thunderstorm or we’re taking fire. 11 hours ago
    • Arguments with furniture are rarely productive. -- Kehlog Albran / These are gems that I find in my inbox from @stevesjogren ! 12 hours ago
    • Just realized I missed opportunity of a lifetime to preach on the depravity of man and titled it "the path of totality". Maybe next time. 12 hours ago
    • Just read the organizers of the Eclipse failed to get a permit. So many disappointed people. 22 hours ago
    • While I applied the attempt, I rule it invalid for lack of other worshipers. Still worth retweeting though. twitter.com/dougblackjr/st… 1 day ago

Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned

I don’t like surprises.  Even parties.

I tend to put things like surprise parties in the same category as speeding tickets, i.e. “Huh – didn’t see that coming…”.

While some might enjoy surprise parties, no one like surprise adversity – the unexpected breakdown, the unforeseen tragedy, the surprise attack.  No matter if affliction is big or small, the element of surprise makes it worse.

In Genesis 49, Jacob is delivering his last words to his sons.  They line up, wondering what their father might say to or about them.  For some, it’s a time of great blessing, for others it’s a day of reckoning.

And then there’s Gad.

Gad, a troop shall tramp upon him, but he shall triumph at last.

Jacob tells his son that adversity is coming but there is a promise for victory.  In that sentence, Jacob gives his son a lifelong gift.  Hope.

If you really believed there is victory on the other side of your current struggle – would that have any bearing on how you fight today?  Would you fight differently?


One Response

  1. Like this… And he tells Issachar he will be a rawboned donkey?? Huh?? Is that a blessing?? 🙂 We laughed about that and pondered it as we planned on naming our son Issachar… Eventually, we really saw that the donkey bore a special blessing as the animal of choice for Jesus to make his way into Jerusalem upon. So, we prayed a lot that Issachar will be humble and persistent (a nice word for stubborn) and carry Jesus everywhere he goes! I know none of that was your point about Gad, which was a very good point that I now must ponder… 🙂

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