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I don’t believe you.

Please take no offense at the subject line.  It’s not about you, really.

At least I doubt it’s about you, unless you’re surfing my blog from Capitol Hill somewhere,  safely hidden behind oak paneled doors under the auspicious of caucusing with your party.  Except you’re not caucusing.  You’re reading my blog.  Or texting a lobbyist.  Or playing Words with Friends if you have any left.   But you’re not really working on a solution.  You’re waiting while a few of you devise your response to the other side’s claims – which they have yet to make.

There will be a press conference, then you’ll respond, then make claims of your own while they play Words with Friends, and then offer their response.  The talk-to-listening ration is running about 99:1, and the Progress Index is about .0004 parts per million.Call it politics, call it the process, but do not call it getting things done, because it’s an affront to every man in woman in America who really is expected to get things done at work.

This goes for both sides of the aisle.  The last week’s wrangling over the debt ceiling has been a series of press conferences, alternating points of view, with the common thread of each being a little more preposterous than the one before.

Their party is in the pocket of of jet owning thieves.”

“Well, their party wants your Aunt Gertrude to miss her social security check.”

“They think the Army should provide their own bullets.”

“Eat your peas and be grateful.”

Honorable Gentlemen and Women of the House and Senate, you are not making progress and you’re not acting like you want to.  I’m pretty sure that when you have a fifteen minute response immediately following the other parties’ ten minute announcement, that you weren’t even listening.  You were just waiting for them to be quiet so you could talk.

And I understand that this is politics, but politics used to be the art of getting things done.  Now it’s just the art of spinning the other guy’s words, maintaining culpable deniability, and hoping for a good sound byte.

Most of the good ideas, the sincere efforts, and the best of Americana would never be allowed to germinate in the soil of Capitol Hill.  It’s too acidic there for anything to grow.


3 Responses

  1. How anybody can go all-in for any of these yahoos is beyond me. I don’t care if it’s Palin, Bachmann, Ron Paul or Boehner, Obama, Pelosi, Reid or whoever the next character is that comes along. The fact is that in our current system, anyone who has halfway decent ideas, a good work ethic, a sound mind and any level of integrity will never find their way to the national stage. And if they happen to stumble upon it, their party will be sure to surround them with people who suck the life out of them and turn them into zombified human piggy banks who spew talking points and collect donor cash. It’s a shame that we can’t get one of these folks to raise $800 million for something other than self-promotion. I’m pretty sure there are better causes.

  2. I feel the same way!

  3. Excellent summarization!

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