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Alaska Update

UPDATED June 14 – Audio Links from The Conference

Randy’s Session:  

What on Earth are We Doing

My session introduced the idea of the government of God being related to activity in a prayer meeting – how we were about to partner with the God of a universe from a hockey rink and why it mattered.

Kelsey’s Session:

Crisis and a Joel 2 Response

There was originally a 2 hour break scheduled between her session and the beginning of TheCall, but when Kelsey’s message was over, Lou jumped on stage, took the mic and announced “TheCall is ON!” and it was off to the races.  Praise God for flexible worship bands!

We’re a few days into our Alaskan Adventure but I just now have a moment to post a few things.  Oh, by the way, the photo above was snapped the other night about 10:30pm, from the deck of the house we’re staying at.  I. Love. This. Place.

The pre Call conference went great.  Lou and Jesse Engle, Kelsey and I spoke to a very responsive crowd.  It felt like each message built on the next.  We’ll post audio soon.  Highlights for me really were Jesse and Kelsey.  Lou always knocks it out of the park because….he’s Lou.  To see the other two ring the bell with such clarity was exciting.  Alaska loves Jesse, mostly because he looks like he just wandered in from the mountains.

TheCall itself was abbreviated by our standards – scheduled for 7 hours, but kicked off 2 hours early because of Kelsey’s clear word.  Why wait?  She preached and Lou grabbed the mic and said “TheCall is ON!”.  Thanks to the Pinkstons who stepped up to the plate and carried the first few hours with little notice.

This event had a strong native presence with a lot of dancing, drums, etc.  You can click the image at right to be taken to a few seconds of video.  This sort of thing was sprinkled throughout the day.

The day before, during native protocol, I was gifted with a very cool grizzly bear claw necklace.  I wore it while preaching and periodically had to remind people “Hey!  You gave me the bear claw!”.  A few times I’m sure they had second thoughts.

One final image before I run and check on the girls.  We’re being loaned a fifteen passenger van while we’re here – and it has the COOLEST feature.  A microphone bolted to the dash that allows me to correct, encourage, rebuke, or make random observations, loudly, through the sound system.  I gotta get one of these for our van!

One more quick think – Pray for Kelsey, who twisted her ankle and tore ligaments on both sides.  She’s in a funky moon boot, taking her out of some fun and also effectiveness in herding the children.  Pray for grace and healing….

5 Responses

  1. So glad we got to say hi for a few minutes. TOO FEW, but I’ll take it for now. I sure hope you are ready to come back up soon. I got a feeling you guys are destined to be woven into the fabric of Alaska.

    Enjoy your stay!

  2. This is a van equipped with a rapid fire option – so IHOP!

    Sorry to hear about Kelsey’s injury. I’m praying for her complete, total and very quick healing along with excellent pain control.

    Thanks for the updates.

  3. mic would make it easy to sell ice cream. if it weren’t alaska…

    keep on, y’all.

  4. I’ve heard the extended light called the “magic hour” by a director who filmed in Northern Canada… I agree – gives amaaaaaaazing pics!

    Blessings on all of you as you travel!

  5. Thank you so much for posting all this!

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