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A Heightened State of Awareness

Photo by Jen Seifert, taken moments ago.

Sunday evening, as we sat in our small group munching pretzels and talking about how ready we might be if some sort of disaster should strike, it was striking in full force 150 miles to the south.

While we laughed and talked and planned, a mile wide swath of Joplin, Missouri exploded.

We learned of the tornado near the end of our meeting.  Even though this is the sort of thing we’ve tried to prepare for by making sure we had flashlights, batteries, and some other vital things stashed away, it was sobering to discover that disaster actually struck a few short hours away.

Admittedly, it’s gotten me thinking about it in a concentrated way.  It is impossible to prepare for anything, anytime, anywhere….but it is possible to be better off than you might be with a few simple steps.

Do yourself, your kids and your neighbors a favor by investigating some of these resources:

Ready.gov – for all our government does goofy, they’ve managed to assemble a very helpful how-to guide for assembling a few basic items, including vital information.  What would you do if your license, passport, and credit cards were suddenly destroyed?  Could you reassemble the info?  Certainly…in time.  These tools help you think through those sorts of things.  Especially this portion of the site.

Prep Rally – Directed by our friends Scott and Kelly MacTiernan, the Prep Rally started as a monthly event and has grown to an online resource for people to catch some of the content from the events.  There’s stuff here to learn wherever you live, but it’s particularly good for KC residents, with info on how to access things locally,  classes for HAM radio, etc.

Don’t be intimidated because you can’t do everything you find suggested on these sites.  Do what you’re able.   No one in Joplin regrets a moment the spent preparing – if they had done any at all.


5 Responses

  1. Randy~ Thanks for mentioning Prep-Rallys.
    Yesterday, while hunkering down in our basement with my daughter and baby granddaughter while sirens sounded off outside (for what seemed like forever) I kept thinking about those folks in Joplin and some of them coming up out of there basements to NOTHING left of the house that once covered that basement. Lord have mercy and Thank you for sparing us yesterday!
    Some readers may be thinking “whats the point?~ If a Tornado will blow it away or a fire burn it up or…..”~ BUT I am sure those who had some preparations that weren’t destroyed are grateful for the extra they can share and help out with. Its impossible to know what to plan for but doing anything is better than nothing!
    The next prep rally will focus on
    9-3p.m on JUNE 4th at IHOP Univ.rm # 107.

  2. Kelly – I’m also moving copies and scans of things to online storage like DropBox.com, which will be accessible from any computer later, providing we can find one working. 🙂

  3. What a wonderful service the Prep Rally organizers are providing to the community! I’m passing the information on to my children. I don’t think you can ever be too prepared. Online storage is a new concept for me. Will have to start looking into that. Thank you for the information.

  4. Thank you, Randy. This information is very useful for families and churches alike. Churches may want to consider a designated collection site for such items so they can send them quickly to those in need locally. Grace Church Kingsport was able to do this with a stockpile of water we had when Greeneville, TN was hit by tornadoes in April. Another suggestion is keeping equiptment like chainsaws ready for use in order to help with rescue efforts or debris removal. Blessings to you and to all who read your blog.

  5. Randy,
    Thanks for bringing awareness to this. We live in Joplin and I can tell you, most people were not prepared. At some level you really can’t be prepared except to know You maker and be ready to meet Him on good terms. However, there are many things we are learning as we mourn and evaluate what we are dealing with. We are touched by the love and prayers that are coming to our community from many IHOP-KC families. I have 16 people in my home right now and I am getting donations that have not been asked for to feed them and meet needs. We are so grateful….the stories that come from and are coming from the center of the United States will cause many to turn their hearts to our God who loves us deeply.

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