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Open House Recap

Friday afternoon, I dropped by the new Zoe Foundation and Hannah’s Dream office and something was different.  There, in front of the building, was a sign.  I sat in my truck and stared for a moment.  I wasn’t quite ready for the effect of seeing those logos in print – on a real sign, in front of a real building – would have on me.   The emotion that I felt warrants a few blog posts on it’s own, but suffice it to say as someone who’s spent his adult life as starter of things, to see something develop to this level is remarkably fulfilling.  Funny what a sign can mean to someone.

Today was a coming out party of sorts.  We held our open house in conjunction with the end of Forerunner Christian Fellowship’s Sunday services, and within a few hours, over 150 people filtered through for a quick tour and some unbelievable munchies assembled by rock star baking volunteers, Soda Vie, and our amazing dynamic duo,  UberAssistant Joanna and Michelle, Creative Master (whose photographs you’re looking at right now).

We shout a huge thank you to Scott and Kelly MacTiernan and Bruce and Becky Jackman who scoured yard sales and worked late hours to transform our office from a dark cave into a beautiful, life giving place.  They are anointed yard sale shoppers, as you shall see shortly….

We were honored to be visited by some of our former clients who endured the original office (slightly smaller than our present receptionists’ area) and their beautiful Hannah’s Dream / Zoe babies.    There was a lot of noise, a lot of kids, a lot of sugar, and hence, a lot more noise.  It was glorious.

For me, the best part of the day came with the visit of one of our first guests, IHOP-KC CEO Daniel Lim.  Walking in with his immediate family, his parents and his brother, Daniel glanced around the redone office and quickly pronounced it “Very Asian!”.

His eye was drawn to a wall hanging.  Marching across the room to inspect it, Daniel said “This thing on the wall….the writing is Chinese.”

He looked at me for confirmation.  I smiled as if I knew it was Chinese.

Then he said “I wonder what it says?”   In a moment, he called for his mother, who stared up at the wall hanging, fingering the little hanging knobs.  She said something quietly to Daniel.  He grew excited, asking “Where did you get this?  How did you do this?  This would be very hard to find!”

I was perplexed because although I wasn’t certain, I suspected that it came from a yard sale. As it turns out, I was right.

His mother spoke to me then.  “These are Chinese characters.  They represent the word ‘LIFE’.”

Yes, of course they do.

What else could they mean for people who believe that to be truly pro life is to be pro child?  What else could they mean for families who make great sacrifices?  What else could they mean for brave young women who selflessly put their lives on pause to give the greatest gift she could ever give? What else could they mean for babies, born or unborn.

I love it when God works all things together.  Life it is.


7 Responses

  1. wow… that is awesome. i love when God does stuff like that.

  2. That is beautiful (about the doors)!

  3. God is so cool…

  4. Oh my, that is surreal. Love it!

  5. Always enjoy your blogs RAndy. This one brought tears to my eyes. Watching yours/Gods’ Dream materialize. Then His hand in even the ‘little’ things-He’s magnificent!

  6. “of course it does.” Love it. Looking forward to when we can see the facilities.

  7. Love this, love this…how did I miss this earlier?! He is so amazing to us, reminding us throughout the journey, “See? I’m here. I’ve been here. I’ve been working all along…”

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