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Randomonium – Chipped Bone Edition

I’m cheating.  A little.  I’ve removed my splint from the Great Bone Chipping Incident in order to type this out.  You should know I’ve upgraded my splint from the taped on version the doctor gave me to a fancy, stainless steel velcro edition that I bought at CVS.  Thinking about getting one for the other nine fingers and hassling the TSA next time I need to fly.  “They’re all broken!”

My apologies for the lack of well thought out posts.  I’ve had thoughts….but haven’t thought them out well.  As a result, it’s randomonium.

Current Events.

The race for the Republican nomination makes me want to lie down in a dark place with a wet towel over my head.  Not only am I not happy with anyone I see running, I don’t see anyone on the immediate horizon that excites me much either.  Perhaps beyond the horizon, in a land far, far away, there might be a viable candidate.  I’m hoping they’re packing their bags right now.

As for President Obama’s going in after Bin Laden, I think it was a gutsy – and correct – move.  I don’t for a second believe the official version of it, or the current version of the official version (He had a gun, he didn’t have a gun, he shielded himself with his wife, he didn’t shield himself with his wife, he was watching network television and was bored to death already) but I do think overall the President did what had to be done and is allowed for under the concept of war.  (Rules of war always struck me as an odd phrase).

People of Pakistan, I am sorry your government is not trustworthy, but I have no problem with sneaking over the border of a country that we cannot trust to catch a bad guy living only three Starbucks’ away from their capitol.   That said, I do not cheer his death like it were some sporting victory.    I believe it was necessary, but I don’t believe it was glorious.   And we won’t do it again.  OK, I don’t believe that either.


I cannot, short of 20,000 words or so, adequately describe how great it is to A) have and office and B) now have that office not look like a cell.   We moved Hannah’s Dream, The Zoe Foundation and IHOP’s Children’s Justice Initiatives – known collectively as HDZFCJI, or RandyLand – into new digs a few weeks ago and I have my own office for the first time since 2007, when I briefly occupied the closet that Lou Engle now calls an office.  Prior to that, I hadn’t had an office to myself since 1998.  My entire tenure at the Vineyard was marked by being told “we’re building you an office….” which they finished after I left and filled with the three people they hired to replace me.

Mavens of Decor Kelly MacTiernan and Becky Jackman have done WONDERS on a yard sale budget and the whole place is awesome.  I think I’m about 3x as productive as I was working from my home office – strategically located in the center of the main floor of The Compound, AKA Grand Central Toddler Station.  I’m so grateful.

Come to our open house on Sunday, 10:30am to 2:30pm, and consider helping us finish the work with a gift card for the office that we’ll blow on things like paper clips that will hold together the papers that help people adopt babies.  It’s going to be a rocking party – coffee, cupcakes, and Soda Vie via keg.  More info here.


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