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Help Realize Hannah’s Dream

In adopting our three girls, we became convinced it could be done with less hassle than most people endure, and certainly with less money than it cost us.  We’ve made it a large part of our work to simplify the process and lower the cost for other families.

Part of doing that was starting Hannah’s Dream, an adoption agency that consults with families nationwide as well as doing local adoptions for one fourth of the price we spent to adopt our first.

We do this several ways – some of our key staffers choose not to take a salary.  Those who do get paid substantially less than they might make elsewhere.  We make extensive use of volunteers, use both sides of the paper, conserve energy, rebrew our coffee grounds, and never turn the lights on.  OK, maybe not the coffee grounds, but in reality, we pinch pennies so families can pinch cheeks.

Meet Susan.  Susan is our social worker.  God has given her remarkable favor with birth moms.  She meets with them in coffee shops and drives them to doctors offices and is often the only person in their life who will answer the phone, every time, without question.   In the last two years I’ve watched her pray with them, cry for them, and continue to raise the banner for their care long after the adoption is complete or when they decide that they are supposed to parent rather than make an adoption plan.  Susan is amazing.

Susan needs a laptop to do her job.  Birthmoms don’t always come to an office.  Adoptive family home studies need to be done…in…the….home.  She’d probably lug around a desktop unit and set it up wherever if she had to, but she shouldn’t have to.  And we don’t have one anyway.

Susan is  loving birth moms and partnering with God to set the lonely in families.  She’s used a laptop loaned to the agency for the past year.  It’s old.  It was used to write the draft of the Manga Carta.  It is louder than our coffee grinder.  And it is in digital hospice right now.  I’m not sure it’s going to last the week.  Seriously.

Because HD runs so close to the margin in order to keep things affordable, we don’t have this in the budget.  We don’t have this in the bank.  The laptop in question seems to be oblivious to the predicament it’s about to put Susan, the agency, birth moms and adoptive families in.

I need your help buying a laptop for Hannah’s Dream this week.  Susan’s research tells us it’s about $640 to do what she needs.  As I said, we pinch pennies.  I want to raise $750 or more so we can go crazy nuts, buy her a real laptop, and get her back out to the coffee shop talking to birth moms.

Please mash the button and give like crazy.

This is an unusual plea. It’s fast and urgent and not tax deductible this way, but it’s straight from page 911 of the Get R Dun manual.  If we raise more than the cost of the laptop, we’re going to blow the balance on things like office supplies. If we don’t raise the full cost, we’ll return your money on Sunday.

In the Bible, Hannah’s dream was to place Samuel in the house of the Lord.  Your $20, $50, $100 or more gets us back to the dream.  Let’s do this.

LATE BREAKING NEWS:  As of 10:09am, we have enough raised to buy the Hannah’s Dream laptop.   You peoples are amazing!  Any further donations will go to the aforementioned office set up.  Thank you, friends!


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