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About That Alaska Comment…

I’ve been home for a few days and meaning to address this but didn’t get to it until now…last week I dropped a tweet that caused a few people to go ‘huh?’.  Actually, that’s almost a daily occurance, but this specific tweet probably warrants a little follow up.

To clarify, I am not looking to take another run at church planting.  Neither are we moving to Alaska.  And before you tell me “Oh, yeah, that’s what I said about _______”, remember that you were probably 21 when that happened and I am 43 and have said those foolish things myself.  Sober as a judge, neither of those things are true…which gives me a unique, detached perspective of The Great Land and it’s great people.

Reasons why that tweet’s true.

NUMBER ONE: The people of Alaska are abnormal.

Abnormally resilient.  Abnormally optimistic.  Abnormally equipped to do hard stuff like kill bears and giants and plant churches.  Seriously…I don’t know if the weather contributes to the hardiness or thins out the weak ones, but they are, as a group, pretty amazing stuff.

NUMBER TWO: Alaska is the logistical center of the Northern hemisphere.

We think in a flat map, which puts Alaska up and over somewhere we never look, but the earth, if you’ll remember, is still round, and Alaska is equidistant from just about anywhere you want to get stuff to or from.  Watch for major hubs from UPS, FedEx, and other global players to establish themselves there for a quick connect to Asia or ‘over the top’ to Europe.

NUMBER THREE:  Follow the herd.

Anchorage suburbs are growing – some of them 40 percent in the last decade (and accelerating in growth now).  If you want to go where the people are going (instead of where they are), go to Alaska and wait.  They’ll be there in a minute.

NUMBER FOUR:  Prayer is exploding in Alaska.

I met pastors whose churches pray every day at 5:30am.  I met groups of pastors who pray together weekly for each other’s churches.  People are hungry to partner with God and are learning that prayer is where it starts.  This hunger is part of the reason we’re going to Alaska in June for a conference and TheCall Alaska.

NUMBER FIVE:  More drive through coffee spots than anywhere on earth.

You can buy a cup of coffee every half mile and never leave your front seat.

What else do you want, church planters?  Get thee to the Great Land!


3 Responses

  1. I have NEVER been more proud to be a Native Alaskan.

  2. the midwest has not caught the drive-thru at all. some of my fav seattle spots are those little parking lot espressos. we have a few wannabe’s in cinci…the coffee is sick. alas. maybe i’m a “coffee drive thru planter.”

  3. Everything Randy said about Alaska is true. My husband and I fell in love with Alaska on our first trip in Sept. 2008 (In the midst of the election chaos). I knew then that God was calling us here. Men are sometimes slower than women, so my husband didn’t hear the call until our second trip in June 2009. The Lord sent supernatural provision unlike anything I have ever experienced before. (People called my husband and said the Lord told me to give you $5000, I got a teaching job in the middle of the school year, my husband was given a position as a youth pastor, and we were given housing from the church). When God moves, he can move very fast. We made the decision to move in October 2009. We pulled out of Fort Worth, Texas on November 3rd and we were residents of Wasilla, Alaska by November 13th. There were a few times on that 4000 mile journey that we felt like the children of Israel in the wilderness- especially traveling through the vast wilderness of the Yukon territory. However, this has truly been a highway to holiness. God is going to move in a mighty way in the state of Alaska and I am so thankful that He has brought us here to be a part of it!!!

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