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Everybody loves camp!

It’s late.  Most of the kids are asleep.  Snow is falling, the roads are horrible, and all I can think about is if I’m going to get up the hill to Shiloh tomorrow morning.  Why?


This really wasn’t our idea…but we often hear from people who want to get into adoption ministry or even start an adoption agency as a church or house of prayer.   It’s easy to think that we don’t really know enough to teach someone else, but then I’m reminded, we’re doing it. The Zoe Foundation is making a difference.  Hannah’s Dream is placing children in Christian homes and blessing birth moms and dads.  We may be fledgling, but we’re doing it….and if we’re doing it, why wouldn’t we want to help someone else do the same?

We decided to do a very small, invitation-only Adoption Camp.  We invited groups from two cities and agreed to let one more person in because we admired her persistence and she had a great story.  We’re going to have three sessions tomorrow – brief presentations by my Hannah’s Dream staff followed by extensive question and answer.   I expect we’ll sit around the fire at Shiloh and laugh, challenge one another, learn from one another, and dream together.

This isn’t going to be a big gathering, but it’s going to be huge. Revolutions are fueled by the convergence of like hearts.

After a day with my team, the groups will join with the Orphan Justice Center staff to learn more about what they do and how they do it.  48 hours from now, they’re going to have massive brain cramps…and that’s ok.

If it goes like I think it will, you can expect that we’ll do an Adoption Camp 1.0 in a few months…perhaps invite a larger group so we can all learn faster.  And maybe a year from now, there will be agencies like ours in multiple places.

Now I’ve gotta go to bed.  I need to get up early.  It’s the first day of camp!


3 Responses

  1. Lord Bless this Camp. Let the lessons learned bring forth much fruit.

  2. We at Bethany Church are soooo blessed to have some “campers” there gleaning from what your team has learned. We are prayerful and excited to see how the Lord will use what they learn to birth and grow an adoption ministry here in Minneapolis. Thank you, Randy & Team, for investing in this! – and thanks for loving on my friends this weekend!

  3. Lord, bless this group for their desire to make a difference in the lives of children. Pour out your revelation at these meetings and give them Your ideas as to how to walk this all out in the best possible way.

    P.S. Please help Randy and the campers get up the hill to Shiloh. Amen. : )

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