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Glad for Sons

Due to their goofy antics and the fact that there are four of them sprinkled over 3 years, my girls seem to capture most of my blog and twitter mentions.   When I say ‘it’s always something with the girls’, it’s only because ‘it’s always something with the girls.’.   From the moment I walk in the door until we lay their little heads down at night, it’s a little girl cacophony.    It could be easy imagined that perhaps the boys have slipped quietly into the background, but if they have, it’s only to regroup and plot their takeover of The Compound.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  They are large in presence and in size, with the older two towering over me and the third growing fast.

Zion, 9,  is ready to transition from basketball to soccer again soon.  He spent all his saved pennies on a new soccer goal that arrived via UPS the other day.   The first day there was enough snow melt to provide a 500 square foot patch of grass to play on, he had assembled it and was drilling balls into the net.  His sisters like standing at the picture window watching him kick over and over again.  I’m not sure what catches their eye – their beloved brother or his caution-tape yellow cleats – but they’re smitten.

Grayson, 13, is attacking his online school with a renewed fervor.   God bless him, we didn’t realize that all class times were Eastern Time when we registered him.  This means he has a class at 7am, two days a week.  He’s also assisting with The Samuel Company, a weekly program for younger kids that teaches them to engage in the prayer room and provides some teaching on Tuesday nights.  He’s also enjoying having  long-time friends from England and Mexico visiting IHOP right now.

Jackson, a few days from turning 18, is man-about-campus at IHOPU and continues to work for the IHOP-KC Marketing Team, doing markety stuff like the twitters (as a father, I am bound to speak of such things in garbled syntax).  He is also building quite the following at TheJacksonChannel.tv.   A recent video advising young men how to talk to girls at IHOP was quite the hit.

Increasingly in our community, I hear things like “Oh – you’re Jackson’s dad!  We watched all his videos!” or “You’re Grayson’s dad!   He has been so kind to our kids….” and even “Are you Zion’s dad?  The soccer player with the hair?”.

Yes.  I am being diminished to being the dad of those boys.  It is no demotion.  I couldn’t be happier to be the father to these guys.


4 Responses

  1. You and Kelsey have blessings beyond measure, that is for sure. Enjoy every cacophony-filled minute!

  2. I enjoyed reading your post on We Are Grafted In. My husband and I, along with another like minded couple, started an adoption/foster care ministry in our church. We just met with our paster about preaching adoption from the pulpit and were so happy with his support.

    We are in the process of our 2nd adoption, 5th child. I agree with what you said about one adoption. God clearly showed us “now that we have seen, we are responsible to act”. The Lord has taught us so much through adoption. I love that He continues to lead my family down the miraculous path of adoption.


  3. Randy, You’re posts always put a smile on my face. To be diminished to “the father of” is a great promotion in the Lord’s eyes, and He smiles too at the way you lead your clan. Mercy always wins! I am learning much about how to lead just by observation of how you mix joy with truth and mercy. You will see your kids following after the Lord all their days, even through the stormy times that are soon to descend upon the earth. One of your rewards is seeing your kids following Him in their unique ways!

    Love Ya Bro’!


  4. I just happened to stumble upon We Are Grafted In a while back. I saw your entry today. Then I saw you had a blog, so I checked it out. We have 3 boys and we are adopting a little girl from South Korea. We are the 3rd family to adopt from our church, but we are the first family that already have kids. My husband told me, “NO more kids after this one, don’t even ask.” I told him that I couldn’t promise him that. GOD is bigger right? Yes, I believe that AP’s flock together. Adoption has taught me more about El Shaddai than ever before. We live about 2 hours Northeast of Kansas City. May God continue to bless you.

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