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Dangerous Entanglements

I seriously considered not blogging this for fear of appearing to strive to be an egghead, but I found it to intriguing to ignore, and the real life application too obvious to miss.

Our friends at MIT’s Technology Review have a little blog they call “The Physics arXiv Blog”. I’ll confess, I don’t have a clue what that means, but this article caught my eye: “A New Type of Entanglement.

In short, the article asserts that two particles can become so deeply linked that they same the same existence.   Given proper proximity, makeup, charge, etc….the two, in effect, become one, and measurements and effects on one happen on the other, even when the two become separated.

Adding to the intrigue, they’re discovering that the effect takes place not only across distance but through time.  Two particles can be so linking that a cause on one today can show an effect on the other tomorrow, because the two have become one.

Pastors, if you don’t preach this principle about families, you’re totally missing it.   Relationships are not general associations.  They are not just proximity based.  They link futures and choices husbands will make today will have an affect on wives and children the future.

In Gladiator, Maximus bellowed “Brothers, what we do in this life echoes in eternity….”.    That’s actually an oversimplification.   It also resonates in the lives of those we love tomorrow.  And forever.


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  1. For this very reason we started praying for our children’s spouses when they were toddlers. We also pray for the entire family, grand parents, parents, brothers, sisters, uncles & aunts.

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