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Some things on one’s to-do list are easy to check off.  Easy to quantify.  Pick up milk.  Check.  Walk dog.  Check.

Other things are not so easily done…or if done, not so easily quantifiable.  Somehow, I’ve ended up with a lot of these nebulous things on my grand to-do list.  Minister to the Lord.  Raise a godly family.  Help plot and execute an adoption revolution.   Great goals – not always easy to mark ‘finished’.

I’m working on those first two and seeing glimmers of hope.  And that third one?    It’s materializing before my very eyes lately.

If I pan back two years this Christmas, The Zoe Foundation was fledgeling.  How fledgeling?  Well, we were a non profit that had never done a fund raiser if that gives you a bit of perspective.  We were staying in a borrowed house, waiting for The Compound to be livable, when a friend called me with saying they were going to sell their adoption agency in Kansas City.  They’d considered moving here to run it themselves but it never worked out.  They wondered if we’d pray with them about it.

I relayed this info to Kelsey, who wondered out loud “Should we buy it?”


“Why not?”

“Why us?”

“Because we want to change how adoption is done and right now all we’re doing is talking about it.”


I have four conservative advisors – people I count on to discourage me from doing dumb stuff. They failed me miserably.  To a person, they agreed “You need to do this.”  Fortunately, we didn’t have the money.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, as things developed) the fourth advisor pulled out his check book and wrote the check.  As a gift.  As an investment in a revolution.  Kind of as a dare.

Two years have gone by.  Hannah’s Dream Adoptions is now owned by IHOP-KC (after establishing it, I saw how difficult it was to own a business that one was pledged never to take a salary from, and so we gave to IHOP but continue to direct it).

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that we’d have a staff of five or six (one branches into other areas on my behalf as well), or that we would be consulting with families nation wide, or that we would match our fourth baby in the last six months with local families, or consult with a dozen or so in the last year, sending them as far as Texas or Florida or Utah to meet their new children.

I’ve learned a lot.

Adoption is complicated behind the scenes.  It requires insane attention to detail as well as major engagement of the heart.  Think of getting audited on your wedding day.  That’s what it’s like at our office some times.

Adoption can be done inexpensively but someone pays a price. The team members I have work for a significantly discounted rate or free (myself included in the free catagory).  There are a lot of hours involved in the moment a family meets a baby and a lot of hours spent afterwards.

Adoption is glorious.  I knew this, but I learn it again every time we get to make a call and say “We have a birth mother who’d like to meet you…” or tell birth parents that all is not lost – we can help them.  We say it all the time in the office – “We get to do this!”

A revolution is measured in years – but it’s also marked in moments.  I’m so glad for the moments we’ve seen over the last two years.  Thank you to the Hannah’s Dream staff and Zoe Foundation Board and Staff for going hard after these momentary, incremental changes that will make a lifetime of difference to so many.

B-HAG 2011 continues….

More info and calendar update here.


3 Responses

  1. You have a dog?

  2. The dog was a hypothetical. The milk and the revolution, however, are real and will continue as scheduled.

  3. It’s a monumental undertaking and we hope to benefit from all your hard work and know-how in the near future. Adoption is one of the coolest things on earth. God bless you guys and merry Christmas!

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