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Christmas Future

The Christmas season is one that predisposes us to look backwards.  The Christmas story.  Christmases past.  The one year when we thought we’d get a pony and got a flashlight instead.  White Christmas.  It’s a Wonderful Life.  It’s a season chock full of ‘remember whens’ and for some folks, a few ‘if only’s’.

I’m not inclined to navel gaze, but even I drift back in time at the sight of a Christmas tree.  As a child, I could never relate to the song “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas….” because in North Dakota, we saw our share of white Halloweens.   A white Christmas was a given.

As I’ve grown older, though, I’ve started looking at Christmas less as history and more as prophetic picture.

  • The God-man comes to earth and turns everything up side down.
  • Wise kings of the earth bow their knees.
  • Angels rejoice and stare in wonder.
  • God and man are closer than they’ve been since the days in the garden.

Is this Bethlehem past or Jerusalem future?  Yes.

Jesus came the first time in meekness.  He’s coming again in strength, and when He does, His people will fully understand how those two things are one and the same.  His next appearance on the small stage of Earth will not be limited to only the few who earnestly seek Him.  He’s not coming to a manger, but to center stage to take His rightful place.

Again, everything will change.  The kings of the earth will bow.  We will know Him like never before…but none will wonder ‘is this the Messiah?’.

This Christmas season, take a few minutes with your family and look forward with anticipation to the final incarnation.

B-HAG 2011 continues….

More info and calendar update here.


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