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More Light Than Necessary…

For years, I did the 6am prayer meetings. Then, the girls arrived. A house full of little ones who rarely sleep all night made 6am prayer meetings increasingly difficult, necessitating a schedule shift.

Presently, though, Jackson is doing the 6am prayer meetings. It should also be noted that I am his ride to those meetings for the time being. Can anyone see the problem?

Actually, it’s not been too bad – I can hop out of bed at the last minute, get him to the prayer room, and spend a little time reading my Bible (go #b90x!) before the bedlam starts. Some days.

This morning, when we walked out of the front door to head to the truck, the sun was not even hinting at it’s impending arrival. We used to see a glowing strip on the eastern horizon, but as we get later into the year, even the sun has temporarily quit the 6am’s. We dress and drive in the dark…which is why it startled me to walk out of the house and find it so bright this morning. The moon was shining down from a high angle and illuminating the whole yard.

It reminded me of something my dad used to say on similar nights during North Dakota winters, when the combination of a full moon and fresh snow cover would prompt Dad to remark “It’s bright enough to read a book out here!” I remember thinking how odd that was. He wasn’t a veracious reader to start with, and bright or not, there were better places to read than outside where it was 30 below zero. Why he wanted to read a book outside was beyond my comprehension. In retrospect, perhaps he was just amazed that it was possible.

You certainly ‘could have read a book’ out there this morning. The shining of the moon was so vibrant that I could see my shadow, which is an odd thing to do when the sun is nowhere in sight. It wasn’t daylight, but there was light enough to read. There was light enough to see. One could navigate the obstacles. Even in the dark, one could see well enough to get along.

We spend a lot of time in Christian circles writing, talking and thinking about how men love the darkness. They’re blind. They’re not walking in the light. Etc. Etc. Etc. There is certainly truth to all that, but I think we can use it as an excuse for peoples’ bad behavior. We see them as fumbling around in a dark room, unaware of the existence of a light switch, and bashing into the furniture through no fault of their own.

Yes, and no.

Men have a conscience. It may vary from person to person, but only the very mentally ill have no concept of ‘wrong’. And only the dullest of the rest of us fail to wonder why. We are born into and live in a dark world but not a world completely void of light. There always remains an element of a witness written on our hearts, demonstrated throughout creation, and spoken of by the prophets if one chooses to hear.

On the shelf or on our hearts, the truth is written. Maybe it really is bright enough to read a book out here.

One Response

  1. You definitely shed some new light on the topic. I’ve been pondering these kinds of questions a lot more as of late, since I’m relating to mostly non-Christians at school and work. Thanks for your insight, Mr. B!

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