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The last few weeks have been a bit of a blur as I’ve made three very quick trips to three very different places.

The Republic of Texas

The first weekend of October I flew to Austin to speak at the House of Prayer and also do a breakout at the Together for Adoption Conference at Hill Country Bible Church. Around 1000 people attended the conference – it was so encouraging to see that many people with a heart for adoption. Actually, it was more like 800 with a heart for it and 200 dragged along by their spouse. I promise you, based on the tears-and-snot factor, that those 200 left with a different perspective. Props to the T4A team for an amazing job – it was a very well run event. While there I also met with representatives from The Babes Project, an Australian initiative similar to The Zoe Foundation. Australia’s abortion policies are even more atrocious than those in the States and there is almost no system of adoption They’re in the trenches over there – it was good to meet compatriots in the battle.

Everyone tells me Austin is wonderful. I have to take your word for it as I was only on the ground about 24 hours. I will say that for some reason Marriott sent me a temporary Gold Card which scored me a sweet room on the top floor for no extra charge, and access to a club room that was closed the entire time I was there. Yay.


The next weekend I flew to Minneapolis to speak at Bethany Church. What an amazing group of people – Bethany is aggressively exploring the frontier of being a church fueled and permeated by prayer.

Sunday morning full of young couples and kids. They warned me – “when we dismiss the kids, it will look like the place is emptying….the adults will come back!” Out of the 400 there, about 100 were children. Looked like heaven, take away clouds, add lefse.  (Side note, you really need to outsmart spell checker to type ‘lefse‘ on an iPad).

New England

Last Friday, Grayson and I flew to one of my favorite places – Boston. Somebody Cares New England and the Justice House of Prayer – Boston hosted a Zoe banquet. In some ways it was the most amazing one we’ve held. They certainly set the bar for hospitality and community involvement. Before we came, they distributed 100 baby bottles, encouraging people to gather change to fill the bottles and bring them back. People didn’t just save their change – they took the bottles to work and hit up their neighbors! And they did it with a happy heart.

Saturday night I spoke at JHOP – it’s a beautiful old house near Harvard and MIT. Grayson and I loved being back in the Justice House of Prayer context – intimate worship, intense prayer. JHOP directors Daryl and Bethany Temple are doing a phenomenal job.

What a fascinating group of young people. I have never felt more like a North Dakota farm boy in my life. These are pointy headed intellectual intercessors!  Afterward, one of the leaders of the Christian Fellowship at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government asked if I’d consider addressing their group next time I was in town. That sounds like way too much fun.

As always – it was good to go and better to get home. Thanks bunches to my dear wife for making the sacrifices she makes on these trips. It’s especially ironic knowing she’s the better preacher…but she’s prepping this week for some upcoming opportunities. Go Kelsey, go God.


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  1. I’m happy to report that I am on day 29 of 90 on the Bible reading plan! You gave me the extra push (I really didn’t want to wake up an hour earlier, but the Holy Spirit did!) to get me going. I have been so blessed. I think you’re one day ahead of me:-). I never thought it to be possible! Thanks again!
    Mattie Patterson
    my Mom’s blog is: allarepreciousinhissight.blogspot.com.
    She was a guest blogger at the T4A conference.

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