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TheCall DC :: Ten Years Hence

Saturday was a jumble of emotions for me.  Many of the people dearest to my heart were gathered in Sacramento for TheCall, praying and fasting for the nation.  I was at my kitchen sink, trying to get gunk off a pan….but I remembered where I was ten years ago that day.

Fresh off the playa of Burning Man 2000, I stood on the National Mall in DC.  It was the first Call event.   We were church planters, hungry for God and crazy in over our heads.  We essentially shut down our church that week because we had to get to DC.

I cannot fully explain the level of anticipation that we had going to that first Call.  We knew literally none of the principal names on stage.  We didn’t really know what to expect.  We just knew we couldn’t afford to miss it.  It’s funny to us now that Lou and Therese Engle, founders of TheCall, live near us, stand on the sidelines of soccer games with us, and share Thanksgiving breakfast with us, because back then, we barely knew his name and he knew less than that about us.

Since, then, we’ve heard Lou say “You are not invited to TheCall, you are summoned.”.  That was our feeling.  We were summoned.  We spent money we didn’t have to get there and took people with us who didn’t know what they were going to.  We couldn’t miss it.   We felt like the destiny of a nation hung in the balance.

In retrospect, it was probably our own destiny hanging there too.

I stood under a tree on the north edge of the Mall about 5:40am that day watching the sky grow light behind the Capitol building.  Between the Capitol and me was a massive stage and quickly growing crowd.  The lights slowly came up and the band kicked in.  A roar erupted from the crowd and I absolutely lost it.

In the months before TheCall, we had done a 40 day fast, lost a baby via miscarriage, wondered if our church was going to survive, and conducted a lunatic trip to the desert.  In that moment, I went absolutely mush faced sobbing – gut crying – to the point that my wife had to ask me if I was ok.  I’m not given to such outbursts.

I was ok.  In fact, I might have been ok for the first time in my life.

Looking back, we had no idea how life would change in the next ten years for us….that the trips to Burning Man would continue with increased purpose and then suddenly stop on a word from the Lord.

Or that the two little boys dancing on the Mall at our feet would add another brother and four little sisters.

Or that our little church would fail at what church planters are trying to do, all the while being successful at what God was trying to do in us – teach us to pray.

From that vantage point under the tree, I didn’t see my short but intense stint at the Cincy Vineyard coming.  I didn’t see living in DC for a season.  I didn’t see adoption, or IHOP, or almost anything we’re doing now.

All I saw was I was nothing, and God was everything, and the sooner I got my head around that, the better off I would be.

Yesterday, I remembered the wave of emotion I felt ten years earlier, and minus the dramatic backdrop or the historic crowd,  there at the sink, I wept again for much the same reason.  I’m nothing.  God’s everything.  And the sooner I get my head around that, the better off I’ll be.

My prayer for those who were in Sacramento is that the next decade of their lives is as dizzying as our last decade has been.  I pray that the radical, senseless, abandoned prayers you prayed haunt you to the point that you can never go back, you can only go forward.

You will gain vision.  You will lose friends.  You will find yourselves ten years later, standing over the kitchen sink and asking “Who am I, and what is my family that You have brought me this far…”.

Lou and Therese, thank you for standing unabashedly for Jesus, for being role models for us, and for believing in us.  You make us want to pray.  That is rare on this earth.


5 Responses

  1. Randy, in small ways this makes big sense. This is a microcosm of what happened to me only two years ago with San Diego–it began as a summoning in my living room because Lou, a man I never heard of, preached so annointedly (not a word!) I fell on my face in my living room and bought a ticket to CA that night–with no money either. I don’t have the bigger implications of moving a whole family, doing IHOP full time, adopting, etc. but even in my smaller and one-person world, I read this and go “yeah, that’s it. It’s not my story but it’s my story.” Can’t wait to see what 8 more years brings til my ten. Thanks for always writing what we think–anointedly. -Susan

  2. Thank you for writing this. Much love!

  3. and the beauty of what the Lord can speak to you at the kitchen sink. we are totally on that train. . . loving Him in the midst of wherever and whatever. following with hopeless abandon. thanks for the reminder-

  4. Randy, I was there at that very same time cutting my hair with my closest friend as we ended a 100 day Nazarite Vow before we knew anyone else knew what that was. It cost us everything as well – employment, ministry, family, friends, reputation, health and all relationships in the church we attended. We were disciplined and I was outcast for engaging in that season. It colored everything from that day until today. all that day we were wondering if we had heard the Lord wrong. Were there any Nazirites out there? I remember the awe and the tears as the sun rose and the worship began. I remember the crowd’s affirmation of that moment and I remember the Fire that Benny Hinn released later on – crazy…. But most dearly, I remember when Jesse and Lou stood on the stage later that afternoon and announced that God had called the Nazirites to the Mall. It was the single most powerful emotion I have ever encountered. Vindication, overwhelming thankfulness, a release of exhaustion in tears, overpowering love and worship-filled awe. We weren’t crazy. ….The whole season and then the day marked me forever. I wouldn’t change nor trade a moment of it though. It set the stage for me to purposefully grow in solitude, prayer and worship and eventually carved a year for me to intern in KC (in 2006) and then fostered our labors to create a House of Prayer here on LI. For what it’s worth, while my friends and I still carry the emotional scars and the limp we earned during that season as well as the follow up “Calls” , we’re also quite aware of the frailty of our being before the Lord. Additionally, there is a strange affinity for anyone that attended that first one as well as a great respect. It’s fruit was life-changing and I find myself praying for this generation always from that posture – on that day at the Mall. I always ask the Lord to totally arrest them in His wildly good plan. I too think about Jesus in those moments and my heart pales in a weak “I Love You” compared to the strength of His. So – all of that to say – I knew I liked you folks for a reason. ; p love, t

  5. […] pivotal in my parents’ prophetic history. (You can read my dad’s account of that day here.) As their son, I was along for the ride. I knew that the Lord was up to something with them, but […]

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