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I’m Breaking My Rule.

As hard as this might be for some of you to believe, with few exceptions, I’m a real law and order guy.  I don’t particularly like rules, but I do know that well written rules make life easier for everyone.  I rarely ever skirt the rules intentionally.  My most flagrant rule breaking of the year was probably my reallocation of eight bottles of water that, had I not reallocated them, would undoubtedly still be sitting on tarmac at the Port-Au-Prince airport.

I’m giving you all that on background to say that I am breaking my own rule today.  Please don’t ask me to break it again tomorrow.  That rule is that I drive fund raising for families through The Zoe Foundation’s formal application process, raising funds via the foundation and giving small grants.  It’s a good rule that is fair to everyone.  Unfortunately, one size rule does not fit all, and so I’m going rogue here for a minute.

Meet the Greens.

Ben and his wife, Kim, live in Michigan.  Ben is a bicycle sales rep for Giant Bicycles, and he has a giant family.  I’ll save you the counting.  There are ten children, ages 10 and under.

I’ll pause while you ponder that.  It’s been a while since I looked at a family portrait that made me go “Whoa – that’s gotta be crazy!”

Benjamin (10), Parker (9), Kya (9), Caleb (9), McKenna (7), Eli (7), Madisyn (5), Klaire (5), Liam (3) and Isaiah (2), come from places like Korea, China, Liberia and the US.  Some are special needs; all are special.

Thursday, the Green family heard about a little girl born a few days ago.  The birth mother had been planning to place the baby for adoption all along, but when the baby was born essentially without a brain, the original couple felt they were unable to care for her and declined to complete the adoption.

CHASK,  a registry that tracks families who are willing to step into these situations, contacted the Greens and asked if the would take this little one.   They quickly decided they would.  They are naming her Selah Hope.

Baring a miracle, Selah Hope will live less than a year, but as Kim says “Every child deserves a family, no matter how long they are here on earth.”

The Green family will incur about $5,000 in adoption and legal expenses in adopting Selah Hope.   What Kim did not say – although I’ll say it – is that unless a family steps up, Selah Hope will go into some sort of foster care at best, or perhaps a state institution.

I think Selah Hope deserves more.

Go to her family’s blog.  You will find a DONATE button on the right sidebar that I told Kim to put there.  Let’s give this little girl the dignity that comes from being well loved.

Help the Greens by posting this on facebook or via twitter.

I will now go back to following the rules.


6 Responses

  1. We LOVE the Greens (although we’ve never met in real life. . . we sort of feel like they are our kindred spirits across the country!).

    Thanks for breaking your rules.

    We are hoping to be able to meet you at T4A and to read your new book. God has so moved in our hearts and in our family and has done amazing things and now we are wondering how He would have us help to inspire others to come along!

  2. Great time to break a rule.

  3. So Mavericky of you! will RT

  4. thank you for being an *outlaw* today…

  5. GREAT reason to break the rules! Kim and I have been “Bloggy Friends” for some time now, and have even emailed and spoken on the phone.

    This family is doing exactly what the Lord has called them to do, and I believe He is calling the body of Christ to come alongside them in this calling.

    mama of a dozen
    (ages 8, 8, 10, 11, 13, 17, 19, 21, 21, 23, 24, 26)

  6. […] as I read about this family’s story today, through another blog I follow, I was reminded again of His heart for life. My little one, once-deemed […]

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