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T4A Breakout Thoughts…

Recently, Kelsey and I were invited to do a breakout at the Together for Adoption Conference in Austin, Texas in October.  When I got the invitation, I had two nearly parallel responses.

1) How cool is this?
2) We are so in over our heads.

Normally, we’re talking Adoption 101. We envision people and send them on their way with the tools to get started…or the connections to find someone who can help them.

Together for Adoption’s speaker roster appears to be populated by the Titans of Orphancare. The bios of the speakers and presenters are pretty impressive. Doctorates. Theologians. Experience Architects and Chief Visionary Officers of strategic innovation groups. (Confession, I don’t know what the heck those last two do…).

All that to say when they wanted a break out topic, I kind of froze. What do we have to say among a group of people who chair committees, run orphanages and architect experiences? I stared at the blank email for a while and asked “Why are we even doing this event? What will we say that isn’t preaching to the choir?”

I felt like the Lord asked me ‘What is your do or die issue? What part of this will you do to your grave?”

That helped immensely.

Kelsey and I are going to speak about night and day prayer leading to justice….straight Luke 18 stuff, the heart of why we are doing what we are doing – praying for justice and doing works of justice so that the Lord will find faith on the earth on the day of His return.

As much as it’s about the orphans, it’s about the Bride being ready for the return of the King. He will return and ask what we did for the children.   Even more than I don’t want to fail them, I don’t want to fail Him.

There, in the midst of the experts, we’ll talk about what we know.  What a novel idea for a conference breakout.


8 Responses

  1. What a great reminder and encouragement today Chief 🙂 Thank you.

  2. Right to the heart. Great topic, should be part of all adoption 101.
    Yes. Changing what is cool.
    Blessings, DianaD

  3. that’s right. shake it up.

  4. Oh my goodness! Me and my family will be there!! I
    am so excited! That is a wonderful topic, can’t wait to hear you speak! I’ve wanted to for a long time.
    Mattie Patterson
    Sister to 7, I am blessed!

  5. Love it. You all better be recording it.

  6. Randy,

    We’re SO GRATEFUL that you are coming! We need your session!


  7. I’m sorry, my last comment was false information. My Mom is going, not me.

  8. This is may be the MOST important thing you could be talking about! I am very excited to attend your breakout…can’t get enough learning how to pray for the orphan and oppressed! Thank you for being obedient to come!!

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