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Adoption ftw

I just got home from seeing the most amazing little soul on the planet.

Today, Hannah’s Dream’s first ‘in-house’ adoption baby was born.  By that I mean we have walked the entire process out with both the birth mom and the adoptive family….and after having adopted three and having countless friends adopt so many more, I can truly say that the miraculous is all over adoption.

The birth mom’s story is – as always – one of unsung bravery.  This woman set aside nearly a year of her life to do the hardest part about having children – actually having the child – and then blessed that child with a  hope and a good future that she was not prepared to provide.  How incredibly selfless.

The adoptive family’s story will be told around the fire for years to come.  The phone call.  The joy.  The chaos.  The melding of hearts that only comes when a baby is so anticipated and sacrificed for in this way.  Actually, the details are a little bit crazy but I’m going to give them a little space to form their own story’s parameters before it’s told…but I love a good story and it’s killing me to keep a lid on it!

I am incredibly proud of our Hannah’s Dream team.   They deliver….or at the very least, they will stick it out through delivery!  Tonight, two of them are spending the night in the hospital; one at the birth mom’s side, the other with the baby.  The entire team has simply redefined the idea of dedication.  They rocketh.

The same goes for our Zoe Foundation team and the partners who help fund these miracles.  I meet with our board Thursday and can’t wait to tell them how TZF played a part in this adoption.

I admitted to Kelsey tonight that starting this adoption agency has been the most complex thing I’ve ever done (including starting a church, starting a k-12 school, and wrenching on a 1966 MG Midget).   I was gloriously shielded from how hard it was going to be…because if I knew, I might have thought longer about it.  Divinely inspired ignorance is a force for good sometimes.

This little rescued one destined to be the first of many….but the way I feel tonight, if they were the only one, this one was worth it all.

Adoption, for the win!


5 Responses

  1. Amazing grace how sweet the sound! thanks for the update!

  2. Amazing. Simply INCREDIBLE. Can’t wait to hear more of the story, blessed to watch on the sidelines. What an AWESOME God we serve.

  3. Isn’t it so like God to reward us with such immensity of emotions that we can understand how He also, would have done it all for the sake of one. This is, by the way, an indication that you are pursuing exactly what God has for you to pursue, because it’s all worth it after only one. Praise, YHWH!

  4. May this be the first of many such announcements!!! Blessings to one and all! Praying for special grace for a very brave woman who has made such a hard, but beautiful decision for her child.

  5. Great way to start the day! Looking forward to many more stories.

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