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OK, so three questions came in.  And we will answer them in graduating degree of….I don’t know.  Graduating degree of something.

Is now a good time for me to refinance my home?

Absolutely.  Send me 3x the previous month’s payment and I’ll get right to work on it.

When you did that 40 day fast 10 years ago was it prompted because you wanted more or did you feel the lord drawing you to it?  Not asking a theological question about the Lord leading through our desires or anything.  Just curious what prompted it.

This is infinitely better than the refinance question, although I’m less sure of my answer.  Both/and.  I think any time you want to fast, it’s the Lord drawing you to do it.  Not eating is an unnatural act.  Even considering it is a little batty.  So, yes, I wanted to….but I think the Lord put the want to there.

Confession:  Some days I didn’t want to. The only thing that kept me going were the other three people I’d committed to doing it with.  If we’d ever had a weak day across the board, we would have all caved, but we seemed to take turns being brave, which is generally why God uses groups of people to do things – it takes the collective courage of the many to live out the call of God on one’s life.

I know this is a weird question but it puzzles me…. I have never seen some of the “physical manifestations” I see in the prayer room video – everything from rocking to swaying to the rather peculiar  stomach holding/wretching/jerking/bending over thing that seemed rather routine during the prayer meetings. Help! Can you clarify??

First off, I slightly edited this question for length.  Please know that the parts I cut served to actually soften the question – it was written very openly and with great respect.

As for some of the manifestations, sometimes I’m at a loss for words myself….but throughout scripture – and church history – there have been strange things occur in the presence of God.   Broadcasting them via web probably accentuates the weird sensation while being unable to transmit the corresponding awe that may or may not be felt at the time.

My questions in these sorts of things is “Is this God or is this learned behavior?”  I think the best answer is ‘yes’.  Both are probably going on at the same time, but those who are physically responding to the Lord’s activity in their life – even out of reflex – are not much different than a Catholic genuflecting or a Baptist knowing that the song leader will only sing verses 1, 2 and 4.  Doing it by rote does not make it less sincere.

Also, as different as our forms of worship might be from one another, if you placed us side by side before believers from eastern Europe or west Africa, they would shrug their shoulders and say “So what?”  We see only the distinctives, they would see more similarities – western Christians with similar hang ups, successes and failures.  In the 360 degree panorama of Christendom, we may feel 180 degrees apart to one another, but in reality, it’s not so.

Of course I believe a good portion of this is just what it seems to be up close – the Spirit of God moving on people in unusual ways…and I can’t explain the unusual very well.


4 Responses

  1. It’s kind of funny how manifestations can be localized. When I visited Bethel, I asked if a certain singer had come from IHOP. When asked why I replied that she had the “IHOP lean.” One foot in front of the other and lunging front and back with possibly the hand from the lead shoulder making a circular motion.

  2. Someone really asked you about refinancing their mortgage? Oh, and will you have another Q & A time soon, I have questions…hahaha!

  3. Katrina – ask away.

  4. “It takes the collective courage of the many to live out the call of God on one’s life.”

    Wow! I’ve never heard it expressed this way. How awesome, profound and inspiring! Thanks.

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