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Stare and Consider

Do me a favor.  Look into the eyes of the little girl above.

Her name is Mercy, and she’s mine.   She plays with her twin sister, Anna.  She likes books.  She steals cookies (hence the mess).  And she calls me daddy.

The twins could easily have landed in foster care.  Or another family’s home.  With different values, different norms…but they didn’t.  They are ours.  Why?  Because we quit talking about adoption and got ready to do it.

This is a flat out challenge to people in the IHOP-KC world. We need you to get your home studies done NOW.

Not next year.

Not when the dog gets potty trained.

Not when things slow down.

This year will be gone in no time, the dog will forever poop on the tile, and things are never slowing down.  If you really mean that you’re in this thing for life….then get the home study done.

I received an email from a Hannah’s Dream Adoptions staffer today.  We have three birth moms who are looking to place babies through our agency…one, due in July, is already matched.  The others, due in August and October, are not.

Do you understand what this means?  Your adopted son or daughter may already be alive.  In the womb.  Living.  Breathing. Waiting.

And you’re dragging your feet on a home study.

I don’t apologize for how straight I’m saying this.  Our home study was done 24 hrs when we got the call about the twins.  48 hours after the home study was done, I carried my girls out of a hospital a thousand miles away.

Adoption favors the bold.  Time to quit talking and act.

Contact info@hannahsdream.com about getting the ball rolling.

Do one more thing for me.  Scroll back up to the photo and click on it so it gets larger.  Then look at Mercy and ask “would I have made myself ready to receive this gift?”


10 Responses

  1. You tell em boss

  2. wow. july or august. butterflies.

  3. I absolutely agree. Just get it done, people! Be ready. . . you never know what God has planned for your family. Believe me, you never know!

    15 months ago we were approved as foster parents. 12 months ago we sent an email about a sibling set available for adoption. 8 months ago, they joined our family. next month we will be officially adopting this sibling group of 6!

    BTW, we would LOVE to adopt an infant if they would consider placing in a family w/ 10 children! Please contact us if you/they are interested! (but we’re not in your area)

  4. Looking forward to when you can expand beyond KC! 🙂 For now we are in the process of becoming foster parents her in OK.

  5. Meant to say “here in OK”

  6. Amen! Preach it. Get er done!! Going to check out the site – do you work with families out of the KC area?

  7. I wish I were married and you were in Canada.. I’d say yes yes yes. I’m saying yes now, I just have to wait for the remaining puzzle pieces to come together.

  8. Called Washington State Dept of Social and Health Services today to request an application to get us started on the road to adoption. This post encouraged us to get rolling on it.

  9. Awww I love Mercy. What a sweetheart. She looks like she (and her sisters) keep you on your toes! Let me know when Hannah’s Dream expands outside of KC. I cannot wait to get a homestudy done! (We currently are living with friends so the homestudy will have to wait until we move into a home which will be soon. Come on Jesus!)

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