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brief thoughts on time

Time is not the natural state of the universe.  In the beginning, existence was static.  There was no then and now – and yes, I realize that in saying “There was…” I am forcing the idea of time on the concept of timelessness.  Such are the limitations of the English language when working with these sorts of ideas.

Time is, in fact, the first synthetic.  It will serve it’s purpose and be discarded in the cosmic landfill, where, as opposed to plastic water bottles, it will cease to exist immediately.

The pan-historic God created time because we needed it.  He devised time as a cavity in true reality, giving us the space to experience the luxury of process, the decadence of choice, and the divine opportunity to work out our own salvation.

In the natural state of the universe, uninterrupted by creation, there is no room for such things as Armenianism or Calvinism.  Isms were non issues in the realm of the fully evident I am.  Debating the details demands time – and there was no necessity of time because the full details were self evident.

In inventing time, God did not just provide an opportunity but rather made space in eternity for opportunity.  ‘Before’ time, no choices were made.  No choices were available.  Now, even in our agonizing over this or that, we must remember that this kind of agony is a gift that is a fairly recent development in the cosmos.

Waiting on God is an exceptionally extravagant act.  We are spending that which was invented for our own benefit.  Let us not waste the waiting or despise the gracious offer of room in eternity.  Room to turn.  Room to decide.  Room to make vows that will matter all the more when the season of time expires.

3 Responses

  1. It’s funny you should write about this. My husband and I were talking about this very thing the other day. It’s so difficult to comprehend. And how does this concept apply to the events of the incarnation and the cross? Did it happen for Him inside time. There had to be a time when He was “pre-carnate” right? But the Lamb was slain before the foundation of the world. Anyway…not expecting you to have the answers. Just some food for thought that we’ve been chewing on.

  2. Lucifer and some of the angels made a choice to rebel against God. Were they inside or outside of time? I am not being antagonistic, just sincerly curious!

  3. Sandy – this is an EXCELLENT question.

    There is actually a fair amount of debate as to when Satan fell – many people believe it’s between Gen 1:1 and 1:2. The Hebrew language seems to infer there was a season of time between those two – but again, what is time? :).

    I’ll give you this – it puts an interesting wrinkle into the discussion of time and it’s purpose. I do know this – the time we’re experiencing now is a measure of grace that is still quite remarkable.

    Good thoughts – thanks for raising them!

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