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Lazy Man’s Blog Post

I’ve always considered the bullet list to be a lazy man’s way to blog. Rather than form a train of thought, it was sort of a mental burp of things.  I would never blog that way.  I am a….writer.

Unfortunately, I am also….fried.  It’s been a crazy weekend and I have much to say but little ability to form coherent thoughts, so a bullet list it is.

  • Kudos to Jackson on his graduation. The last ten days or so I have been reminded just how much I enjoy this kid.  I told him earlier “When you were born and I first saw you, my heart leapt.  I still have every bit of that feeling within me for you.  When I hear you walking down the stairs in the morning – it’s all there.  It never goes away.”
  • Our ‘life board’ rocked. A week or two before graduation, the seniors were told to make a display board celebrating their life.  Honestly, it sounded like homework and we really didn’t want to think about it….so we didn’t.  Until 9pm the night before.  Then we cut a 24 inch square in the middle of the board, taped some photos around the edges, and stuck an iMac behind it playing a montage of photos and one of Jackson’s videos.  Go big or go home, I say.
  • The graduation ceremony was a blast. This senior class had more character (and more characters) than you can imagine.  For a real hoot, check out their senior class video. Watch here for Jackson’s iPad appearance.    It was also great to see each parent speak a few minutes’ blessing over their student.  I’d like to say that we went 2:56 of our allotted 3 minutes while others went on for an eternity, but I’m not judging.  (I know we went 2:56 because someone timed us and a congrats hit my blackberry about the time we sat down).
  • OK, I cried. I am a non-crier, but about halfway through the second song of the worship time, I glanced at his graduating class and saw so many kids in their gowns with both hands raised that I lost it.  Hot tears rolled down both cheeks.  I regained my composure only to lose it again as Kelsey and I shared our thoughts over Jackson onstage.
  • We are rich in friends. Allen Hood spoke at the graduation – a phenomenal, loving, encouraging charge to these kids – and I thought “this is our friend….how incredible.”  Today was Jackson’s party and over a hundred people flooded The Compound over the course of three hours – amazing people that one would be fortunate to have one or two of in their lives….and a hundred of them show up to celebrate with us.  I am humbled by all this tonight.

Thanks to all who emailed or sent Jackson a congrats.  We all appreciate your thoughts – and frankly, I’m glad the party is over and we can get back to work!


3 Responses

  1. #1 – they were told MONTHS ago about the LifeBoard….just to be fair : )

    #2 – Graduation was amazing, dittos on everything you said.

    #3 – The party isn’t over…it’s just beginning. 1 down, 6 to go Dad!

  2. 1) Months? No joke?
    3) Just six? Are you quitting on me? HAHA!

  3. […] bulleted lazy man’s blog post.  When only three people read your blog it is foolish to spend too much time on […]

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