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The Monday Night Whirlwind

I like to think we have a pretty high capacity for craziness, but last night taxed even me.   I got home around 5:15pm and we quickly prepared for a visit from our dear friend Shelley Paulson, who was coming to shoot some photos.

At 5:30pm I sent my mom to pick up a friend of Kelseys.  It should be noted I sent her to the wrong spot, without a cell phone.  To her credit, she arrived back about 30 minutes later with the friend.

Shelley and one of our unofficial adoptions, Christina, showed up about 6:00.  We were juggling the babies while Christina and Shelley ate a bowl of our famous hamburger soup.  Zoe promptly pooped Christina’s pants.  I am not sure how this happened, but I assure you, it did.

From 6:30-7:15, Shelley shot family photos and individuals of all seven kids.  She does incredibly work and it was so fun to have her around.  She has given me a new appreciation for the art of photography and I think we’ve given her a new appreciation of chaos theory.  This being her third try with Zoe, she got some phenomenal shots of her doing a manic princess dance on the steps of The Compound, skirt and hair flying every which direction, along with some killer portraits.   Go to ShelleyPaulson.com for more of her work and see why she’s the official photographer of the Bohlender tribe.

Here’s my cell phone shot of her doing her stuff with ZB.

At 7:30pm, the Hannah’s Dream Adoptions staff arrived for our first live chat.  It should be noted that my initial idea was that we would do this chat from our own homes, safe in our jammies.   They refused, and it’s a good thing.

On the screen it looked like a smooth production.  Behind the scenes it was utter chaos.  The hour passed so quickly, mostly because we were all talking, typing and eating at the same time.  I think I forgot to breath for about 20 minutes straight.   Props to Jackson for photography and cookies.

We wrapped up the chat at 9:00pm.  The staff left….we visited with Kelsey’s friend, Pam, for a while, then she left as well.  Phew.  That was fun.

For a transcript of the chat, go to HannahsDream.com and enter the live chat area – it’s all posted there.    I’m thinking about doing a broader-topic  RandyBohlender.com live chat some time soon if there’s any interest – it was a great way to connect!


2 Responses

  1. I literally snorted with ungraceful laughter when I reading how you put it, “zoe pooped my pants”.

    And again I’ll say after almost 3 years of life with the Bohlenders I’m shocked that last night was the first time!

  2. Who knew! The live chat was great:)

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