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A Body At Rest.

I have a theory.  I think that Newton’s laws probably went through a series of revisions.  For instance, I can imagine that one day, he grabbed his journal and wrote down “A body at rest tends to stay at rest.”  Then he sat back and enjoyed an iced Americano, knowing he’d cracked some major physics code even as he wondered “what the heck does ‘americano’ mean?”.

Of course, only an unmarried oaf without children would think this law is true.  Later, his friends chided him into altering the law to be more reflective of true life, which is how we got our final rendition, “A body at rest tends to stay at rest in the absence of some other net force.”   Read ‘net force’ as ‘children’.

It’s another crazy day at The Compound.  Like usual, we’re learning to do life with seven children, ages 17, 13, 8, 3, 1.5(2) and 9 months.  Granted, one of them is weighing his options once he moves off The Compound, but even so, we’re still learning.

At present, I am herding twins (so far, I haven’t typed a full sentence without an interruption).  Kelsey has Piper with her as she goes to pray for a friend..  Grayson is crashed out, not feeling well.  Zion is at a friends’ house.  Jackson is napping and ZoBo is catching a little Barney DVD action on my desktop.   Oh – it’s a quiet day, by the way.  Extra quiet.  Scary quiet.  My guess is we’ll pay for it later.

Sometimes people ask “how do you guys make this work?”   Sometimes I tell them we’re superheros.  Usually I tell them the truth:  It doesn’t always work, and when it does, it’s largely because of help.

My mom lives with us and has for over ten years.  At a time when most people are winding down in activity, she’s ramped up.  The kids are hugely blessed by a live-in grandma.

We have others who have come along side us for various season – so many that I can’t start naming any of them because I know I’ll miss someone.   We also have dear friends who are very tolerant of a large family, whether it means dealing with last minute cancellations or us showing up in a van littered with McDonalds bags.

Also, we’ve learned to adjust our own expectations.   We pick and choose what we do (albeit not always well).  We’ve fashioned our responsibilities with some flex in them.  The people I directly lead understand that they’re likely to get email at 1am or in short, blackberry-speak.

All that said, we’re still learning.  Learning how to do life at the scale of Costco.  Learning to love in life running at the speed of light.  Learning that we need less than we thought and in some cases, that we need different things than we imagined.  Right now, aside from my God and my family, the things I am most thankful for include the IHOP webstream, friends who ‘get it’, and a $50 amazon gift card that I’ve been saving since Christmas because I haven’t had time to look at what Amazon has.

Life is good.  Even in light of Newton’s ‘net force’.  In face, life is best that way, even if it means a body at rest had better get off it’s hind end before the kids wreck the place.


2 Responses

  1. loving God and loving others (kiddos especially). it is the way we live life. thanks for the encouragement-

  2. Thanks for being so transparent. This is more encouragement than you can imagine. You guys are my heroes!

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