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The Economy of a Priest

I had a moment a few days ago.  My to do list was increasing even as our bank balance was decreasing.  I had a ton to do and was completely preoccupied thinking about the lack of finances.

Kelsey was picking up on my tension…20 years of marriage make that sort of mind meld second nature, besides, I had that “My head’s gonna ‘splode!” look on my face.  Yet, being a good wife, she asked “Are you ok?”

“No….I have a million things to do – all of them good – and not one of them will directly affect our bottom line.”

I don’t remember the exact wording of her response, but the gist of it was this.  “That’s what we do….”.

Deuteronomy 18:1  The Levitical priests, the whole tribe of Levi, will have no portion or inheritance with Israel.

In His infinite wisdom, God has placed us in a missionary context, within a missionary field that few understand.   Sending people and funds to Africa makes sense to Americans.  Sending people to stand before the Lord in a 24/7 prayer room makes less sense, even when that prayer room is giving birth to ministries faster than we can update the website.

The Zoe Foundation is a product of the prayer room.  Hannah’s Dream Adoptions?  That came from the prayer room.  Our heart for kids and our fortitude to adopt 3?  A product of the prayer room.

Much comes from that dorky little remodeled grocery store of a room – but the greatest thing that happens there gets little press.  Around the clock, there is a spot in Kansas City where God can incline His ear and hear the sound He longs to hear….human beings calling Him who He is.

And so we dedicate chunks of our time to that pursuit – and to other endeavors that please His heart, knowing that though the priests of old had no portion of inheritance with Israel, they were cared for in the ways God made for them…and we trust that He makes a way for us.

About eight years ago, I was profoundly impacted by a book by secular philosopher Lewis Hyde entitled The Gift.

Hyde proposes a notion that often, a gift often has a way of ’rounding a corner….’ – we give something to someone, who in turn gives it or something to someone else, who does the same…the process goes on to take place far beyond the sight of the original gift giver, but comes back to them in a direct way.  This is not a ‘karma for dummies’ but a secular writer’s attempt to describe the transcendent, tangible reality of giving – a reality that has ramifications to those who pour out what little they have to an unseen God.

And so we stay in this room. And we give.  And everything we need is provided, just around the corner, just out of sight, but directly from the One we give to.  We don’t see it coming – but it comes.

Such is the economy of the priesthood.

6 Responses

  1. Thank you for allowing us to window peek in on your reality. Sometimes , or often, we see the fruit in people’s lives & think that all is taken care of behind the scenes. We should know better..but such is human nature. I appreciate you allowing the rest of us to see & know about your current & ongoing need. Love sowing into your ministry. It is seed planted in a flourishing field. Many blessings on you & your tribe. Look for a donation on Monday 🙂 That’s when I get paid. From a ‘tentmaker’.

  2. wow! this post was exactly what i needed to read at exactly the right moment. thank you. we are ims in redding, ca and just got our giving statement today that was far below what we need to pay the month’s needs for this family of 5 and one on the way. just as i was questioning God in why our support goes so up and down from month to month, i decided to sit down and read your new post. thank you. good reminder that He will take care of us and this is what we do.

  3. Thanks, Randy. Would you mind very much if I forwarded this to the crew helping to plant the House of Prayer here on Long Island? For what it is worth… it articulates our position well. love, t

  4. Randy – it is interesting to read this blog now. I have been basically unemployed for the better part of a year now…. and my faith is weak. I have wondered and prayed, fretted and feared, held my faith close and pushed it away. Why? Because of the “I don’t know’s” of life.

    I was encouraged by your words, as I always am by others who are “struggling” but still see their faith. God does provide – and yes, He has provided for us through this time – but there are times that I wonder…. where are You?

    May God bless you richly for your words, and may the hope that is our Lord fill you and your family with love for each other and those whom you serve.

  5. Yeah well you rocked it with this one bro. Much Thanks.

  6. Excellent article, very encouraging. Thanks. Ken

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