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Randomonium – Season Opener Edition

I’m pecking out a quick post listening to the random hacks from different bedrooms in our old house tonight, syncopating them with my own in some grand chorus of cough worship.

Grayson’s crashed on the couch downstairs, ending his first day of the yuckies.  Piper is barking from her crib and Zion’s doing the same from where he sleeps.  On top of the cough, he’s worried it might rain…because heavy rain would mean the season doesn’t open tomorrow.

Tomorrow, you see, is the opening of Spring Soccer, and this boy lives to kick a ball and run over people.

The photo here is from last year, but you get the idea. He’s a few inches taller and a few inches heavier, though certainly not the big guy on the team.

The hair was cut once since then but has returned,  a little longer, in full Braveheart style.

The gaze is still there too.  The look that says “Put your lunch away or I’m gonna eat it.”  I love watching this kid play.  It makes me laugh…for the joy that I see in him and for the irony of having an athlete.

He’s into more than soccer though.  Adores his sisters.  Digs Leggos. Rocks the guitar and drums.  And asks the same thing almost every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.  “Are we going to the Awakening meeting?”.

He’s learned a little in these extended meetings…that God does powerful stuff, and that the fun is up front.  Even though he was sick and has a game tomorrow, he and I ran over for an hour tonight to pray for people and hear what God was doing.  When I saw him start to wear out praying for people, I suggested we head toward the back of the room where there was more space, thinking he might want to sit down.  He wasn’t ready to…but when we got back there, he decided he was ready to go home.

The game isn’t fun if you’re not in the middle of it.


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