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Pouring Dirt Down A Money Hole

I am blogging this with the firm believe that all of us know more than any of us, hoping to tap into the collective mind of blog readers for a few ideas – or better than that, leads – on how to fix a gnarly project I have.

Those of you who have lurked for more than a year know that The Compound has a swimming pool.  I’ve always eyed it a little warily, like some bald Jed Clampett looking at his Cement Pond.

The whole thing has been like being given a pregnant cat.  Didn’t want it, not sure what to do with it, wish it would go away.  It’s expensive to maintain, and an eyesore if not maintained.   Add to that, the fact that I have four very little girls and the pool freaks us out considerably.   Yes, it’s separately fenced from the house but gates get left open and I can’t bear the thought of what might happen, so after a year of soul searching, the pool must go.

Unfortunately, you can’t just vanquish a hole.  You must fill it.

What I’d like to do is fill it with dirt and build a play center for the girls in the fenced area.  What I need is a lot of dirt, delivered to The Compound, and dumped into our pool.

Does anyone know anyone in KCMO who’s got a lot of dirt they want to get rid of? I’d like to do this in one fell swoop as opposed to taking down the fence and putting a small truckload in every other week all summer.   Cheap is good, free is better.

Any ideas, people?

Oh, and spare me the “don’t do it!” comments – unless you’re willing to spring for the chemicals and play life guard for the next….decade.  The strongest encouragement I’ve gotten to fill it with dirt has come from people who own pools!


11 Responses

  1. Not for nothing but I think in most areas that have functioning governments you need a permit to fill a pool, and it has to be ripped out first.

    Of course if you wait long enough sedimentation will do the job for you.

  2. When you say “functioning government….” I think we may have a loop hole.

  3. maybe a local pool company would be willing to donate the dirt excavated from one project and dump it into your yard. they have to do something with that pool sized ammount of dirt when they build a new pool, right?

  4. Have you calculated how many yards of dirt you’ll need?

  5. Roughtly 30,000 gallons worth. 🙂

    Hmmm. Word problem for home schoolers….

  6. Build and awning or gazebo OVER the pool. That way if it rains the little ones will be safe and you can keep them relatively contained. Also, the shade in the summer along with the concretes disposition to be cold so far in the ground will be a bonus. family dinner in the pool anyone?

  7. Craigslist. perhaps someone in your area has posted a need to get rid of fill. Worth looking.

  8. Want to totally encourage you in your quest to fill your pool! I am a nurse with little children and don’t even like the idea of someone in our neighborhood having a pool. Can’t help you out with the logistics a) don’t live in KCMO area and 2) most importantly don’t know how to acquire that much dirt (although if we lived closer we could give you a small mound of dirt in our yard from our plumbing problems in the fall when our backyard needed to be excavated (I definitely felt your pain with your sewage problem earlier and unfortunately knew all too well the plumbing lingo you used because of our problems – pray that is all cleared up by the way. It is always good to get perspective when you read about someone’s problem that was worse than your own)

  9. I’d get rid of it too – pools and bonfires freak me out with little kids. We had a pool hole in our previous house – the owners before us had the pool removed per their realtor’s recommendations, so we didn’t have a pool to deal with, but we did have the hole to fill. Being a farm girl it about killed me to PAY for dirt, but alas, I now live in the city and paid to have it hauled in. It was in a huge pile, and I got to rake, and rake, and rake it out because I wasn’t going to pay anyone to do that….although in hind sight it might have been worth it…P90X has nothin’ on plain old hard physical labor. You have boys though, they would have a ball with that much dirt to push around. 🙂 Anyway…try this for how much you need – http://www.yardscut.com/how-much-dirt.htm

  10. We were a little freaked out too about having a poolWe have the same problems as you: young one (he’s 5) and gate left open around pool. AND he’s tall enough to reach the gate so he can open it himself. . But summer months where we live are brutal so it’s a must-have and pool drownings reports are quite high here, especially for children under the age of 9.
    Soo… … two words: swim lessons! LOL. Before even moving into the house, our little one started swim lessons.

    Good luck on getting the dirt. I’ve known people in my home town that filled their pools because of the hassles involved. I would check craigslist or angie’s list.

  11. For now drain it… will save a ton quickly… also if you call any local schools that teach people how to use backhoes and heavy equipment, they will usually do demo for you for free. It gives them real life training… Your going to have to demo it before you fill it in usually. And look for any large sites doing construction… alot of times they have to pay to relocate dirt (and you don’t need clean fill for the largest part of the fill, just the top couple of feet) and concrete… etc… talk to the foreman and sometimes they are willing to deliver (they save money)… we had a large area filled in once by a construction company… it had chunks of concrete from a parking lot in it but once it compacted and we put clean fill on top, well you never knew…

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