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Randomonium – Peep Edition


It always feels a little awkward to blog after having not written anything in a while, sort of like the sensation you get after not having talked to your neighbor in three months and then one day BAM! You take out the trash and there they stand in their yard, curlers in their hair, socks drooping about their ankles and a look on their face that says “Where’ve you been?…not that it matters.”

And so we meet again.  Nice curlers, by the way.

This edition of Randomonium is dedicated to Peeps.  Not the run of the mill peeps that you see daily, but those special, Limited Edition Peeps that you rarely actually see in the wild but know they exist because of the digital chaff they leave in their wake.  It’s more than a facebook friend, yet someone who, if they showed up at your door, you’d be like “What the heck?” and then welcome them with open arms and laugh well into the night.  So, with that, shoutouts to two of my favorite peeps, Vicky and Steve.

Vicky Beeching is a worship leader with a heart connect to IHOP in the way of many friends and a similar affinity for the things of God.  We’d moved in the same small circles but never really been introduced until 2008, when we were both scheduled at the same conference in Cincinnati.  I was so impressed that she immediately asked what I wanted to do for ministry time when I finished speaking.  I appreciated that she actually cared how this gig landed after she was done with ‘her portion’.  She understood that her greater portion was in serving the whole.  As a speaker, it meant a lot to me.  More than once on the road I’ve asked for the worship band to join me at the close only to find they were already eating somewhere off campus. She’s clearly more than Girl Guitar Player Extraordinaire.  She gets it.

Since then we’ve stayed in contact from time to time – this being made so much easier with the Twitters and all.  She’s got a great sense of humor and is quick to poke fun at herself.  She also cannot pronounce the words “Chord Charts” to save her life, but it’s fun to listen to her try.

Vicky has a new EP out – 3 songs for a measly $2.99.  I mashed BUY on it the day after it was released last week and have put the songs into my regular rotation of Good Stuff to Hear. In particular, the anthem “Salvation Day” rings loudly in my heart long after I pull out the earbuds.  Double thumbs and one large toe in the air for her willingness to write songs singable in most congregations rather than the one-off songs that sound great on CD but are painful to watch a local guy reproduce.  That kind of thinking is what makes her a worship leader rather than a dime a dozen rock star.

My recommendation – Buy the EP, check out her website and follow her on twitter: @vickybeeching.

The second Peep of the Week is one that gets a fair amount of mention here from time to time, so I won’t give him as long as intro as Vicky.

My long time mentor, personal cheerleader, and conspirator Steve Sjogren was in town for a few days.   We were able to hang out a little while and enjoy a great dinner at a local restaurant – in a private dining room behind these mysterious heavy velvet curtains, no less.

There are people in your life who encourage you…and there are others who even transcend encouragement.  Around them, you feel smarter, you hear God a little clearer, you get a little braver.  Steve has always been that to me.

Steve is beyond generous. He always has been.  When I left the Vineyard, on a whim, he gave me the coolest little Sony Viao ever made (it was back in the day before we both went Mac and never looked back.).  The other night, again, on the spur of the moment, he again blessed me with a gift.  As usual, it was intrinsically cool, and the value of the object is multiplied by a factor of 10 because of the spontaneous, pure nature of the giver.

My recommendation – visit SteveSjogren.com and get to know this guy.  Read Conspiracy of Kindness.  If you read it years ago, read it again.  And of course, follow him on the twitters at @stevesjogren for your daily Steve-ism.


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  1. This blog made me smile.
    Kelsey R.

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