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Randomonium – John Wesley Edition

I am finally home after spending a few days at Indiana Wesleyan University, speaking to their student body.  I did two (identical) chapel services Monday morning, a late night event Tuesday, and another two chapel services on Wednesday in their very cool new chapel.

Unfortunately, you can’t see my favorite feature of the chapel in this photo – a gorgeous hard wood stage.   I’m of the opinion that a stage should never be carpeted.  I know most places do it but I don’t like it.  This stage was the perfect height when compared with the rake of the floor.   I am in stage-love.

I was totally impressed with the little band of students who had invited me – they were in charge of the Missions Week and somehow convinced the school authorities that I would not ony be harmless but perhaps even helpful.   I was a little concerned when the school sent me a multi-page agreement to sign that included the a line about “removing any excessive piercings before appearing on stage…” but I couldn’t ever ascertain exactly what ‘excessive’ meant, so I just left mine in.  Apparently 2 is within the allowable number because no one said anything.

Monday morning I enjoyed breakfast with the student committee and Dr. Lo, the Dean of Chapel.  He was so warm and welcoming that I forgot about my piercing worries and just went for it.  I spoke Monday on loving God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.  Wednesday’s chapel was on our good friend, John the Baptist.

I’m grateful for my new friends at IWU and all that God is doing there.  A group of students meet daily 3:30-5:30pm for prayer and weekly with another group of students from Taylor University 40 miles away.  Charles Wesley would be proud.  The fire that he carried is alive and well in these students.

Here’s one last shot from the Tuesday night event in the Student Center.  IWU has a gorgeous campus – it seemed every building couldn’t have been more than a few years old and beautifully maintained.   And the food was excellent!  College cafeteria food has come a long, long way since my Bible College days!


4 Responses

  1. Hi – I’ve been reading your blog through googleReader (so if you have sitemeter I don’t show up). I love your work and your blog.

    Just a note about stages – I love the look of hardwood, but attended a church where the worship leader tried to “sneak” in stage during prayer (click, click, click on the wood floor).

  2. hey randy! this is kat! we met at iwu this week.
    it was really fun to look at your site and see the chapel lol. i was like. what?! lol haha. awesome!
    just wanted to thank you again for coming and sharing your heart for God with us. im looking forward to being at ihopu. see you in august!
    God bless you randy!

  3. ha! i went to IWU!! my husband and i were there from 2002-2006, we now live in Charlotte, NC. i love that little school–i think the Lord is really moving there…at least that was our impression while we attended. 🙂 loved reading your story!

  4. I laughed out loud at the “how many piercings are excessive?” question. So funny! Here is something else funny… I now read your blog because a mom friend of mine recommended it to me. She said “Kriya, I know you want 7 kids and to adopt. You would love this guy Randy’s blog. He has 7 kids but he doesn’t look all “homespun” ya know. He actually looks modern, and has like earrings and things!” I wonder how many other readers you have due to your earrings? 🙂 O.k. the 7 kids grabbed my attention as well, but still…….

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