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The Scoop

Some days don’t end like they start.  This would be one.

In a meeting this morning it became very, very clear that I needed to get to Haiti for a boots-on-the-ground look at how we could help orphans long term.  I won’t go into the details  – that’s another post.  Suffice it to say, at one point I blurted out “I don’t have a passport” and someone replied “I have a friend…”.

Tomorrow I fly to Chicago and pick up my passport.

Tomorrow night, I fly to Miami, sleep a few hours, and catch a seat on a private jet into Port au Prince Thursday morning.  I’ll be staying at the CRI base and connecting with orphanages and their directors around the city so see how to best serve their needs.

I asked about our exit strategy and my travel companions were little vague.  We don’t intend on being there very long and we’re banking on a lot of empty planes flying out of Haiti in coming days.  If so, we’ll talk our way on to one.   If not…uh, we’ll figure it out.  This is where my Burning Man background pays off.  Impossible is just a rare form of hard.

I have no delusions about changing the whole  world.  I do believe we can the change the lives of children.

Are you with me?


46 Responses

  1. You’re nuts. Have fun storming the castle!

  2. Yep! Praying that you are able to find direction on your journey. Sounds like a great plan! Blessings!

  3. We’re with you!

  4. Yes, we’re with you!

  5. Go with my prayers for you and the children. I’ll look forward to hearing about what you see. Told my husband he needs to hook up with you!


  6. (Sounds like a Left-Behind-book-series adventure…..more power to you!)

  7. praying for a successful trip!

  8. Um, yes. After hearing the recent news about the rise in human trafficking with the children – we need to do whatever is necessary to keep them safe. Be safe! I will be praying for your travels…

  9. With you Randy & Kelsey! And praying!

  10. I love it bro…go get ’em! (well…not literally, okay yeah literally…well you get the idea..)

  11. I see the favor of the Lord on you, Randy. You have more ahead than you expect. Leave the tail end open, but not narrow. This is gonna end huge!

  12. We’re with you Randy! Our prayers accompany you, to open doors that no man can shut and close doors no man can open! The favor of the Lord is upon you! He goes before you and will be your Rear Guard. We ask the Father to give you Apostolic Authority. We look forward to the testimonies we will read and hear in the days ahead.
    ….Go Randy..Go Randy..Go Randy!!!…….

  13. We’re with you!

  14. Our family is in this with you. We’ll go to Haiti if they need hands to help with the children. We’ll get the necessary clearance to help with children that find their way here. But first, we’ll seek Him and ask where we fit in this incredible journey.

    This is going to be a Kingdom victory – even when it does not seem likely.

  15. I have a nephew that is with Agape Flights, a missions flight agency that is flying in and out of Port O Prince almost daily. If you get stuck – tweet me … we are very interested in what you find … as we talked earlier my youngest is most interested in adoption and would be thrilled with a Haitian child.

  16. Praying for you and the Tribe!
    i see many open doors for you there… I see you looking very intently at the landscape, and the Lord opening your eyes to divine insight. Ways to get a Yes response when the only response seems to be No. He will open your eyes in a greater way to the War that is Raging over this nation!

    Bless you brother! Cant wait to hear more details!

  17. We are with you all the way.

  18. Give him money for this trip, folks. Let’s get behind this guy.

  19. We’re with you! Looking forward to hearing about what we can do to help.

  20. A few things… Remember your shoes? I think this is where the rubber meets the road. I believe this is what God was talking about walking in authority. So, put on those shoes and walk in peace. He is going before you. And… What do you need?

  21. That is awesome. Randy you’re family is an inspiration.

  22. woot woot!!!

  23. Expecting great things to happen because of your obedience to “just go”!!!

  24. Go, Randy! May angels travel with you! We’ll be on pins and needles waiting for updates. God is going to do great and mighty things for the orphans of Haiti using you and your “Big Thinker” friends who are going to lead the way for the rest of us. : )

  25. Have a safe trip Randy. I pray that you are able to accomplish great things with God’s help. I will be thinking of you.


  26. Yes. May the Lord go before you and hem you in as you work for Him.

  27. Praying with you!!!

  28. Brilliant, Randy! Can’t wait for the next installment of this story! Praying for you, buddy!

  29. With ya bro!!! We will be praying for wisdom, divine intersects, grace and more…

  30. Glad to hear someone we trust is going in to find out the truth of what is happening with these children! God speed, our hearts are with you and the children.

  31. Say hi to Amanda for me.
    We’re so with you.

  32. So excited for you and the children to be heard! May God bless your trip and time there.

  33. I truly feel the favor if God on you for this…I will be praying for all He wants to do to come about. I will be following your updates.Lord, make Your face to shine upon Randy…..

  34. Thank you, Randy for going…the children need you. God is specifically calling you to do this for His people. I will be praying for you.

  35. God speed and bless you for NEVER GIVING UP! The world is definitely a better place because you’re in it, but working for the right Man.

  36. Oh man, I’m with you. I was on CRI’s website yesterday looking at their training on 1/31-2/1 and then deployment to Haiti. I said, “I don’t have a passport!” but no one sitting next to me said, “I have a friend…” I did go to the PO today to apply for a passport so I can be ready for the next training/deployment. God is with you, Randy. Praying for you and your family and Haiti’s children

  37. Yay Jesus!!!! Godspeed Randy : ) like David in front of Goliath he was not intimidated by the reports and the naysayers around him… You have the same God as David 🙂 I pray God’s protection and favor for you.

  38. Thank you Jesus that this friend of yours has enough of your authority to shake the enemies plans to hell. Literally. Give him supernatural Wisdom, Strategies, and Revelation on exactly how to go about each operation you send him on, and we ask in Jesus name for DELIVERANCE for captives, and the helpless.

  39. Randy, thank you for your obedience to the call of God for these children.. our organization is about saving children here but we do not see disasters like this.. we are all behind you and will help in whatever way we can.. Lord show him the way without hindrance, and bind the enemy in his tracks..

  40. A very good friend once told me we should say “Yes” to God……and then ask, “What was the question?”

    Godspeed and may His favor be all over your trip.

  41. Awesome.

    You didn’t mention any financial needs…I assume you must have the funds you need for this trip? If not, is there any way we can help you out? Please let us know. We believe whole-heartedly in what you are doing and want to do our part to help make it happen.

  42. You are crazy. I love it!

  43. John – we’re missionaries with a family of seven kids, so yes, there are needs. This is an unfunded trip (they’re all unfunded in a sense because we have to raise it all). I didn’t mention it earlier because I just raised money to buy a van and two days in a row seemed to be a bit much. 🙂

  44. praying for devine appointments and the favor of the Lord as you move forward! If this is the hand of the Lord then much will be accomplished for His glory! The kids deserve a future!!! And if that is what this gives them then I am all for it! God’s speed!!!

  45. yes!!!!! we are in the process of getting a foster care license

  46. There is no impossible with God…praying with you as you go!!

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