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High Stakes

I met with a group of leaders yesterday morning to discuss the Haitian crisis and what we can do….today, tomorrow, and beyond.   I’ve been operating on adrenaline fueled by images of instantaneous crisis for the last week.  It was good for me to step back a few feet and look at the bigger picture – the future of Haiti and the Haitian people.

There are as many theories about what is wrong with Haiti as there are people to spew them and I make no presuppositions about my ability to diagnose and treat the past…but I do know one thing:  The future of Haiti resides in her orphanages.

Those children on CNN sitting in their filthy diapers, hoping for the UN to come? The future leaders of Haiti are among them.   The five year old wandering the streets, thirsty and afraid?  He’s a neurosurgeon in the making….or a gang member….or a statistic.

Each of these children is worth saving for their own sake – but their value is magnified exponentially when we consider the impact they could have on the rebuilding of their nation.   They could be the building blocks of Haiti 2.0, or they could be a rotting foundation on which nothing will ever be built.   Our wisdom and diligence in dealing with the orphan question will be displayed for all to see in twenty years.

The children of Haiti face three potential influences in the next twenty years.

One scenario would be titled More of the Same – a meager existence with little hope.   Even before the earthquake, this was not a good answer for the hope of Haiti.

Another would mean capture by sex traffickers who are rushing to Haiti. Mark Driscoll recently twittered about seeing a relief worker buying a young girl.  It’s hard to tell the helpers from the demons right now.  And yes, they took the guy’s photo and are sending it to the agency he works with.

A third way would be complicated.

It would be expensive.

And it very well may deliver a people from years of circumstantial, political, and demonic oppression.

That third way would involve training an army of orphans in the true, apostolic gospel of Jesus….one undiluted by voodoo, unimpressed by politics, and unselfish in teaching how to give oneself to a greater good. I’m not talking about just orphan care – although that’s totally valid.  I’m talking about orphan-formation that raises them with a destiny.  I’m talking about planting seeds of hope in children that will redeem that beautiful land.

It would take a long time and cost a bucket of money…but I can’t acquiesce to allowing for the other two options to be all we offer them.  I’ll be the first to admit I’m not sure how we do it – but I’ll be the last to surrender on the idea.

The future of Haiti is at stake.


9 Responses

  1. I want to help….what can I do?

  2. I am in process of foster certification and am carrying a similar vision. One of an army of Haitian lovers of Jesus infiltrating the darkness of their homeland with healing in their wings and a song on their heart. This has been on my heart for two years now. Jesus, reveal the plan and grant favor to your servants!

  3. I’m with Jane! I’m sitting here knowing that these kids are wasting away while I sit here. I’m not new to the crisis in Haiti or around the world. But, I am feeling this sense of urgency for this group of kids…right now! What are the next steps? What can we do? I called my congressmen, but based on a letter from home land security it sounds like there is no plan in place. What are your recommendations?

  4. 1& 2 are not options! How can we begin moving forward with #3? Was there any hope in any of your conversations for temporarily getting any other orphans out other than those already in process for adoption? Still praying and waiting for God to open more doors!


  5. Amen and Amen!

  6. I want to help! Requiring home-studies are an easy way to ensure good homes for Haiti’s orphans while they re-build. I’m also a fan of no compensation from Haiti or the U.S. while caring for Haiti’s orphans.

  7. Hello Randy~

    You mentioned in one of your blogs about the possibility of having a place for orphans to be cared for while Haiti rebuilds/reorganizes. Is this possible? I live in Liberty, MO and know that I could be an asset in organizing this. I feel an incredible calling for this.

    We also sponsor an orphanage through C3 and know that all the children were orphans prior to the earthquake but were not adopted. If they know this as fact, why wouldn’t they clear them for adoption please? I understand there is no government right now. I just wanted to see if you had any knowledge on situations like this.

    Thank you, Randy for your blogs, tweets…heart.

    Blessings to you,

  8. Please send me to websites or phone #s that I can contact for home study related to registering my family for Foster Care. I live in Topanga, Ca. I have a grown and married adopted daughter (and new Son-In-Law who was also an adopted child at birth). I am so blessed, and They have been such a joy…I want to help. Please send any info that you may have.

  9. Hey, Randy. You’ve been FB’ing with my husband Daniel. My heart is burning for Haiti right now. All I know to do is open my heart and home to these precious ones and get on my knees. If God gives me any other ideas I will send them your way! Keep us posted on next steps.

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