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Haiti is still a wreck.

Sorry to state the obvious, but I felt I needed to.  Here’s why.

This afternoon, I drove a rental Suburban across town to buy four gallons of milk.  The truck is provided to me by an insurance company because my other truck is in the shop.  The value of this rental must be around $35k.

That’s the per capita income of seventy five Haitians….before the earthquake.

I’m in a room with people talking about how to rebuild Haiti in light of the fact that it was a wreck before the disaster.  The Crisis Response International key leaders flew back last night and are hard at it around the conference table. I’m lurking in the corner like I bring value or something.

Any infrastructure that was in place didn’t work before and is now a complete liability.  Think wires laying on the ground that would actually become hot if we ever get the power turned back on.  Think cracks in the ground that now allows all sewage and chemicals to flow down into the water table….and it’s not even the rainy season.

Some of the most useful things in Haiti right now are sledgehammers and bulldozers.    It would be easier to build a city in the middle of a forest than it will to be keep these people barely alive for the next several years.

It is in this setting that we’re being told they will be able to safely care for orphans.

Haiti is still a wreck.  It will be for a long, long time.  And it’s way too easy to forget driving across town in a fancy truck to buy milk.  Especially when while driving, I heard nothing on CNN or FOX NEWS from Haiti.  Nothing.

Haiti is still a wreck.


5 Responses

  1. Still praying! Still longing to to see those children protected and provided for!

  2. Thanks for sharing Randy, I heard yesterday that some of the orphans are being taken in by the neighboring country of Dominican Republic.They have Christian orphanages there and the government has just given word to let them in.

  3. Thank you for being one of the only one’s who actually blogs on this. I can’t trust secular media now-a-day’s to deliver accurate information (if they deliver it at all). My heart is breaking over Haiti. I want those orphans out, ASAP. Is there anything I can do? Any time I can offer? I want to help desperately, but I have no connections to that side of the world due to my lack of good networking.
    Love your blogs, look forward to the next one.

  4. Orphanage Foyer had three children pass away…no water there.

    Inquired to adopt Haiti children or coordinate efforts with humanitarian visas …response was:

    “It will take some time for Haiti to determine the process of how adoptions will run in light of this tragedy. Most of their government agencies that handle adoptions are now under rubble.

    As of this week the US is not granting humanitarian visas to children who were not already in the adoption process, which leaves so many kids stranded. We are hopeful that will change so more children can be saved. Please check back with us in a couple of weeks.”


  5. Thank you so much for blogging all of the happenings in Haiti. It helps to know the Truth of the situation and the fact that you are reporting Truth helps to know exactly what and how to pray!
    Though in some ways I feel helpless over here, I do pray every night with my son for Haiti and make donations when we can as a family!
    Keep strong, keep being a voice where it is needed for them and Keep the faith that the Lord WILL work all things out for GOOD to them who Love Him!!! Indeed He shines in the midst of the rubble!

    Sonja Howell

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