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Working One of Many Angles

Take three minutes and do this.

Go to this page on the Haitian Embassy site and send an email that says:

“We appeal to you to ask the US government to provide immediate humanitarian parole to all orphans in danger in Haiti.

We represent a group who will care for your children as long as necessary or until such a time as repatriation is feasible.  We have planes, doctors, care givers and housing.



Whatever it takes, people.


108 Responses

  1. Done.
    And I faxed my Senators & Congressman yesterday.

  2. Submitted just now. Praying…

  3. Email sent. Praying for your success in this God-honoring endeavor.

  4. I’ve sent an email and will be reaching out to Senators and Representatives again this afternoon.

    I speak the name Jesus to all mountains standing in the way of making this happen. Let it be done – Amen!

  5. Done! I also sent letters to our Senators and Congressmen (from Cincinnati/Ohio) on Sunday.

  6. Did it. And sending out the word to as many as I can to join in.

  7. Did it.

  8. Done!! Will be calling senators and congressmen as soon as I am home from work (Ohio)

  9. Whoo-hoo! Doing!

  10. Done!

  11. done.

  12. Hubby and I each sent the email.

  13. Did it.

  14. Done!

  15. Done

  16. Done. And I posted it on FB.

  17. done

  18. Complete. Let us know what else we can do.

  19. Done!

  20. done!

  21. “We appeal to you to ask the US government to provide immediate humanitarian parole to all orphans in danger in Haiti We represent a group who will care for your children as long as necessary or until such a time as repatriation is feasible.  We have planes, doctors, care givers and housing. http://www.thezoefoundation.com“

  22. Done!

  23. done and praying

  24. Done!

  25. Oops. I was doing this for my wife from my phone and I … uh… made a mistake. Don’t tell her. It has now been sent.

  26. Done and done well. Has the phone left you ear in the last several days?


  27. form submitted.

  28. sent…

  29. Done.

  30. Done. Thank you!

  31. Done, me and my husband

  32. Done, and passing the word along to others who would joyfully care for a Haitian child in their family.

  33. Done!

  34. Sent.

  35. I have done as you’ve requested.
    James T.

  36. done.

  37. done

  38. done and trying to get more to join!

  39. Done! Praying! God is answering! Sending Angels!

  40. Done! Thanks for making it so easy! Really…. LESS than 3 minutes! Prayers & Blessings, ~Suzie

  41. Done

  42. Done

  43. done. thanks for putting this out there.

  44. Did it!!

  45. Did it.

    Also tweeted it out/Facebooked it for others to do so as well.

  46. Done!!

  47. Thanks Randy…..done.

  48. Sent message regarding orphaned Children of Haiti for Zoe Foundation

  49. done

  50. Ok, I’ve done it.

  51. done

  52. Yep. Done. Thanks for letting me help!

  53. Done. Give me something else to do.

  54. done

  55. Done.

  56. Done!

  57. Done, and we are praying for a great miracle

  58. Done

  59. done and praying that God will release these babies from Haiti.

  60. Done! Praying for mighty miracles for these precious babies!

  61. Praying, please hurry.

  62. done.

  63. Randy, Living in Gibraltar (yes, the big lump of Rock that an insurance company placed at the edge of the Med) I feel somewhat disconnected from the business of emailing of embassies, senators etc, etc. so I have taken the liberty to ask my own Government here to introduce a fast-track adoption ‘protocol’ here at home, when dealing with orphans from disaster areas. check it at at: http://www.wildoxgib.com/2010/01/20/how-we-can-help-haiti-crisis-response-protocol-for-adoption.htm

    keep up this labour of love on behalf of those who need justice.

    Bless you guys, J.

  64. Done!

  65. Did it. Re-blogged it: http://www.exposedheart.wordpress.com and re-tweeted as well!!!!

  66. Done and praying with you.

  67. Done and praying

  68. Done and praying!

  69. Done and praying hard!!! THANK YOU for what you are doing!!!

  70. Done and still praying

  71. Done. Retweeted also. Posting to Facebook next. Bless you all.

  72. Done. Send em to Atlanta, Lord.

  73. done!

  74. DONE!!

  75. Safe Haven camp????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    God, we speak justice and mercy over these children. May more and more of your people rise up and fight for the innocent. Open eyes. Soften hearts. Impart wisdom and revelation to government officials. Orchestrate a “suddenly of God.” May Holy Spirit power break into “high-level” meetings and change hearts and minds so that every decision that is made and every effort that is put forth reflects your love poured into the lives of the powerless.

  76. OK, Randy, Done. May the Lord expedite the arrival of this precious cargo.

  77. Done and praying Randy. Thanks for all you are doing on behalf of these priceless ones. We are standing with you.
    Renee’ and children

  78. Done.

  79. Done

  80. Done

  81. Did it. Thanks for giving us this option.

  82. Did it!

  83. Done!

  84. Email sent!

  85. done…

  86. Done.

  87. […] information on how to let your representatives know you want to see those children taken to safety. This post does all but send an urgent email for you — click over for a link to contact the Haitian […]

  88. Done.

  89. E-mail sent. And PLEASE if you are able to get anywhere, add us in as a family who will take a couple of kids in. We have a homestudy in hand.


  90. Done…
    God bless…

  91. Forgot to mention yesterday: done.

  92. Done!

  93. sent : )

  94. done

  95. Done!

  96. Thanks.

  97. done deal.

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