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Angels on US Soil

I just received the following from the Three Angels Orphanage who left Haiti today – I was in phone contact with their US team off and on throughout the day.  These are the people who, for a time,  were housed in the same compound as the Crisis Response International team.

I’m glad that they’re here – and so pained that so many are not.

I love how their first correspondence includes a reminder that there are still those left behind.  Remember, so long as orphans in Haiti are without food, water and basic shelter, justice delayed is justice denied.


Dear friends, family and supporters –

After much behind the scenes turmoil, we are joyful that all the children of Three Angels Orphanage are safe and on US soil in Florida. They arrived filthy, hungry and we are excited/anxious about their first airplane ride. We are so grateful to an enormous amount of people who have worked around the clock to make this happen. All children have families and will be united with them in the next day or so. Under heartbreaking circumstances we are overjoyed to finally have our children safe and with their parents.

It seems being one of the first orphanages to be able to pull out of Haiti we are encountering difficulties at customs until adoptive parents can be there in person to pick their child(ren) up. This is new territory for many agencies. Please pray for understanding and patience.

We cannot stop here. There are thousands of orphans still stranded in Haiti – continue to pressure your local, state and federal officials to provide Humanitarian parole to all.

Violence and fear is rising in Haiti. We have spoken to the headmaster of our school and he is fearful for his family’s safety. They are not yet seeing the aid agencies or assistance. We have reassured our friends in Haiti that help, indeed, is on it’s way – that the world knows and is working to help them. We have lost teachers and we have lost students. We are all mourning with our friends and co-workers.

Now that our primary objective has been obtained we will be focusing on getting more medical help and supplies to those in need. We also want to work with other small agencies in Haiti to get aid and support to where it needs to go.

We are all exhausted and living on little sleep, but are so encouraged by the outpouring of support from around the country.

Thank you to KFI Radio in Los Angeles for massive coverage. This has helped spread the word of our need. Thank you to MFI and Hendricks Motorsports for providing travel for our team and for the kids coming home.


6 Responses

  1. We are a small orgainzation that would love to partner with them to get aid into Carrefour and surrounding areas. How can I get connected with them?

  2. It’s a start! Rejoicing that they are safe and will be with their families soon! Praying the thousands of others will get supplies today and that more doors will open!

  3. 74 of our babies are on their way to OHIO -pray for all the details and that things will move QUICKLY!!

  4. Thanks so much for the updates! Praying that Kelsey’s “strategy shift” breaks this wide open – in the BEST possible way of course!

  5. Cindy, I live in Cincinnati. Do you need any assistance?

  6. Cinday, I also live in Cincy and would love to help in any way! cstout@unioncentral.com.

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