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Justice Delayed is Justice Denied in Haiti

This morning, I’m sitting in Lou Engle’s office.  I knew it would be empty because today, MLK day, Lou is in Houston crying out for justice for the unborn.  I also knew that there were a lot of prayers prayed in this office that run parallel to mine and am hoping that some of what’s rested on him will rest on our efforts in Haiti.

I am hearing a trickle of information about orphanages being told to bring the children that they had in process with American families to the US Embassy to receive documentation to leave the country.  I’m literally interrupting my writing every fifth word to respond to emails between an agency and a group with an airplane, hoping to get 40 children out of Haiti today.   These are all children who have adoptive families – they were in process already and will go directly to their new parents.

This is a victory…and yet it’s bittersweet.

It would appear that the real efforts on behalf of Haiti’s orphans are being spent on orphans who have or are close to having legal American parents.   I am overjoyed for those people – I’ve talked with them on the phone for days and heard the terror in their voice as they’ve asked “Can you help get my daughter out of Haiti…”.  It’s a good day….for some.

It’s not a good day for any child who had not yet been matched with a US parent, because it would appear that there is still no provision for Humanitarian Parole for them.   Yes, the government is loosening regulations for those who have been spoken for but not for those who have no US citizen here in the to call a mother or father.  In other words, we are taking care….of our own kids.

Minutes ago, I snapped this photo of a massive painting that hangs in Lou’s office.  It’s about 4×4 feet and dominates the tiny 8×7 foot cubby Lou works in.  It also serves as a stark reminder that there are real hands in Haiti reaching for help even as we scoop up our own children and leave.

We wouldn’t do this in a Walmart parking lot…if we saw five children in danger, we would never grab our own and run for the car.  Why is it okay in Haiti?  Perhaps it’s because we’ve grown  accustom to ignoring Haiti for so long.   I celebrate the fact that it appears some kids are coming home, but I refuse to call this a victory or give the US government the thumbs up for a valiant effort.  If this is the answer, it’s woefully inadequate.

We are asking for wholesale Humanitarian Parole for any orphan who was in an orphanage when the quake hit.   They should not be punished, left behind, or ignored simply because American parents had not yet chosen their picture over the others.

It’s Martin Luther King Day.  Let’s not pretend to honor a man and yet disregard his message – “Justice delayed is justice denied.”

What can you do?


I know that sounds trite to some but it’s still our most powerful weapon.  There is a King that all other kings answer to and we can go directly to Him.


Call your Senators and Congressional Representatives.  If you’ve never called them, call them now.  Be polite, but ask the pointed question:   “Does my Senator/Representative support extending Humanitarian Parole to the orphans of Haiti who have not yet been matched with families?”.   Be polite but be persistent.  If the person answering doesn’t know, ask for someone to call you back.  Most of you will be surprised – these office are more responsive than you’d imagine.

You can find your Senator’s phone number here.

You can find your Congressional Representative’s phone number here.


The Zoe Foundation is partnering with Crisis Response International to get aid in to Haiti.   Your support go either of two directions:

To Crisis Response International to help them purchase supplies for the orphanages immediately.

Connect with CRI here.

To The Zoe Foundation to help us continue this fight to get these children out.

Connect with The Zoe Foundation here.

Thanks to everyone who has continued to track with us through this weekend. It’s going to be an intense fight – we covet your prayers.   Don’t lose heart if we loose a battle here or there – the greater war is still  being fought, and it’s actually fought in the realm where we have the most equity…before the King of heaven and earth.


11 Responses

  1. Praying! Praying! Praying!

  2. I’m continuing to pray for justice for ALL the children! And I will be calling Senators and Congressional Reps. Thanks for the update and the action steps Randy. Keep ’em coming!

  3. Holy Spirit surround these children. Lord we speak for the orphans. Let us physically care for them. Give us the resources that only you can provide. Father God give wisdom and clarity to us now so we can be your hands and feet.

    Randy you rock.

    Brenda from CATG

  4. Randy-we’re still praying & hoping these kids can come home to loving families. Thanks for keeping us IN THE LOOP.

  5. Is this surprising in any way? I mean, in our newscast they’re making no secret of the United States’ intentions with all their huge efforts to help down there in Haiti: it’s because they wanna prevent the big wave of refugees by all means. So why should they grant parole to some orphans? They might not get rid of them anymore! It’s more than clear to me that they only allow those in, who are adopted and would have come sooner or later anyway.

    However, I appreciate your tenacity in that and since I’ve read quite some crazy stories on your blog I shouldn’t be all surprised if you add another one… Nothing is impossible with God, right!?


  6. we are organizing here in Ithaca, NY area so that if called to host any children that WILL be granted Humanitarian Parole, we are ready & can be easily contacted:


    thank you for keeping us updated, moment by moment.

  7. Continuing to pray and believe for the impossible. Thanks for the action steps. It is great to know ways we can help!

  8. Thanks for getting this information out, for being a clarion call.

  9. Thank you for leading this action on behalf of His beloved children. Please count me in if there is a possibility of bringing a child/children to Cleveland Ohio. I am currently licensed for foster to adopt with a Christian agency here. Will be prating for mountains to be moved!

  10. Randy, my wife and I have a burden to adopt infants. How can we partner with you in adopting orphaned chlidren in Haiti? I am in my first week in Intro. We will be movingly permanently to KC shortly.

  11. […] his relentless efforts have opened several easy inroads for you to have a voice in their rescue. This post does everything but call your senator and congressperson for you — click over for information […]

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