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Quick Update

I hoped to have a clear plan of action for you by now.  I don’t.  “It’s complicated….” as they say.

In short, we are pursuing humanitarian parole for the orphans of Haiti.  Not visas.  Not citizenship.  Not even adoptive families at this point.     We just want to get them out of the death trap that Haiti is becoming.

If the US government does not help us get them out, the child traffickers will make their way to Haiti and have a heyday with thousands of children, newly orphaned, who will not be missed when they disappear.

We have been tracking with the Bresma orphanage that is getting a lot of publicity.  They are still not out of the woods – in fact, they’re out of water and their release is not a sure thing.    The people who are working on their case are more than willing to share their info with us – they’ve been incredibly gracious to us already even though they’re in the heat of battle on their own case.

Thanks for those who have called, texted, twittered and emailed me photos of donuts.    Please understand if I haven’t replied.  It’s been a little crazy.

Also, if you offered to adopt – understand that we are looking at bringing these orphans here in an emergency situation.  It’s not clear if they would be available for adoption soon or ever.   Let’s not let that stop us from being mothers and fathers to the poor of the earth.

More info coming soon – keep watching



34 Responses

  1. Praying for God to open doors and hearts for these children and their advocates.

  2. I’m on pins and needles waiting to see how God is going to do this work – Go,God! Go, Randy and team! We’ve got to cover these children with our prayers of protection. God put every stumbling block possible in the way of any evil meant for those children. Put a hedge of protection around every orphanange and dispatch angels to stand guard over the unguarded. Cover them from head to toe with your most precious blood, Lord. Extend your grace and mercy to every child. May the church be your hand extended.

  3. Love ya crazy people. Looks like I will be over there around the 24/25th of this month. Let me know f there is something that I can do.

  4. Just to be clear…we’ll take them for a day or forever. Praying for you guys, feeling pretty helpless to do anything, but trying to do what we can. Please let us know as needs arise.

  5. Just a day is OK for us….or for keeps! To open our arms with love would be praising my father! Right now they are sleeping on the ground outside in complete fear…anything we can do has to be better!

  6. Praying!

  7. Would love to adopt but willing to help for even one day! Thank you for persevering. This adventure is reminding me of another exciting adventure when a couple of twin girls were involved…of course on a much larger scale. May God richly bless your efforts. We continue to pray!

  8. Ditto; 1 day, 1 year, 1 lifetime to show an orphan the adoptive heart of God in any measure is always an honor and a privilege.

  9. We would love to offer our home to an orphan.

  10. Randy, Hi. We would love to take in Haitian children. If the process has to go through the state, we are a state approved home, presently at an adopt only status. We have notified the state that we would like to also be a foster home for Haitian children. We have two adopted children from Haiti. You may remember Zak.
    (You, Benji and one of your sons stayed at our home in Siloam Springs, AR during the OMEGA conference.) Blessings to you all who are working to free the children and bring them to safety


  11. Randy~ Thank you!

  12. We’re in. Whatever the length of time or need. Please, Father in Heaven, make a way for these precious children to come to safety and permanence. Both of which, come from you and you and alone…but we all would be humbled to be used to minister to these precious ones.

  13. Will love and care for them for how ever long they get to stay!

  14. wow, I will be praying for the children and for the impact God will have on their lives.

  15. i love that you are ACTING to help get these children out of haiti.

  16. we offered this to BRESMA, and to your efforts as well:

    I care for our 3 yr old toddler at home, and we offer our home & love (Ithaca, NY) to a child in need. Please call on us if we can be of Service.

    love & prayers,

    Daniela Hess Scholl
    Co-Founder, Coach

  17. Well, you know we have our foster care license, so we’re ‘ready to go’! 🙂 Seriously, LOVE YOUR HEARTS to be there for them, regardless of the timeframe. A ‘refuge in the midst of their crisis’! Let us know if we can help in any way, otherwise just know we’re seriously praying for you! I just said to Steve last night that if we don’t get them, the traffickers will. Lord, have mercy and open doors that no man can shut!!!!!

  18. Please add us to your list of families willing to house and care for one or more Haitian children. We have three of our own but would be willing to help in any way we can to help and care for a child, be it temporary or permanent. We live in Madison WI and have access to the UW Children’s Hospital, if there is a child in need of medical care, we could intervene and help get them the care they need.

  19. We are praying for baby Jolanda and Baby Emma- God is moving in a mighty way – pray with us that these babies will be rescued, The adoptive parents are early in the process but their hearts are already taken. There is talk of an airlift and it seems that HOPE is real. Continue to pray!

  20. Randy thank you so much for working so diligently on this. I am praying for God’s direction.

    Last night was the first time I went to your blog (found it through reading about Loux family) and I read your post from yesterday (Luke 18 school of politics) and after I had placed a comment in the comment section on the blog, I immediately went to my facebook page and a friend of mine posted a link for me to read, amazingly it was YOUR LUKE 18 POST that I just read!!! I knew this was no coincidence and that God was definitely speaking and behind your work in getting these kids out of Haiti.

    Just wanted you to know, We are available to any children that needs a place here in KC!!! We will take them for a day, week , year or lifetime.

  21. I am so ready and praying for these children to get out of harms way. We are a foster family and have put our name on the list to help with these children. God, please work your wonders that only you can. As other posters have said, a day, a week or a life time…

  22. So much appreciate the fervor you are pursuing this with. My family and others in Siloam Springs, AR, would love to care for these children and welcome them into our homes for whatever length God would have them. We are waiting…and praying….please contact us if we can help in anyway!

  23. Praying for the humanatarian parole, and trying to raise awareness here in CA!

  24. Ditto on everything…a day, a month, a year, a lifetime…. our hearts and homes and minds are wide open to however we can be of service. Praying like crazy for the safety of these precious children.

  25. Praying that you have success in this effort. My heart is heavy for the children. Let me know if I can help in any way.

  26. Randy,

    We will take in refugees. Our heart is to ultimately adopt but we are willing to do whatever the Lord needs us to do. Do you think we will need home study done to house orphaned refugees? We are looking to have this appt within 2 weeks. Please let me know what requirements you think will be needed to respond to the need.

    Thank you,
    Melanie Lewis
    @mellew – twitter
    Tampa, FL

  27. Our friend Greg Burnett referred us to you via FB. We’d love to open our home. Please consider us a serious option…emergency or adoptive. Our door is open.

    …and we continue to pray…

  28. We are also willing and able. Please let us know who to contact when it comes together.


    Bryan & Audrey Purtle

  29. count me in as well if you need resources or placement, we are an adoptive family and have homestudy and my best friend owns an agency that works with Haiti as well. I am an adoption advocate in the church and with the body of Christ. Anything I can do to help. Kim

  30. I too am on standby, and trusting God to make a way for these precious children! I am open to helping in whatever way I can. Keep us posted for sure!

    My youngest daughter had a dream last year about “Jesus is coming to the US Military in 2010″……..perhaps there is something in that for this situation? I have been prompted to continue to pray into this!! There have been many news reports about the key that the military will play in restoring and keeping order, getting supplies to people, quenching any uprisings, etc…..

  31. We have a big home and we can take lots of kids.

  32. Willing to take in any of those little ones for a day or for a lifetime.


  33. Any idea on what type of paperwork would be needed by the family? We have adopted internationally three times but are not paper-ready or foster family licensed. We would be willing to offer emergency care for a refugee, no matter the length of commitment. We live in Cincinnati.

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