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Welcome to the Luke 18 School of Politics

Randy Bohlender

The Zoe Foundation

Kansas City, MO

US State Department

Washington, DC

To whom this may concern,

I have been approached by a number of orphanages in Haiti in the last 48 hours with stories that leave me wide awake at night.   In many cases, two or three workers are watching over 50-100 children – some with no food or water in sight.   They are scared.  In some cases, they are sleeping outside.  They hear the crowds yell and the shots ring out just like you do on the evening news….except they can’t shut it off. It’s not their background noise over a tv dinner.  It’s their clear and present danger.

Last night I laid in bed gripped by the plight of these orphans.  Today, in a board meeting for The Zoe Foundation, ideas began to explode….

What if….we could find a plane that had just dropped a load of humanitarian aid and load it up with orphans?

What if…we could gather medical and social work professionals here in Kansas City to insure the well being of the children?

What if…we could get a group of families who would take them in with the understanding that they may care for them for a week or for a year?  In a number of these cases, the children are already legally adopted by US families.  They were just waiting to be picked up in Haiti.

This is not the time for blind observance of regulations that were never meant for days like these.  Let’s be honest.  The Haitian government wasn’t operating too well before the earthquake.  It’s not as if a huge social work system is going to rise from the ashes and care for these kids.    Yes, I recognize that they are a sovereign nation and we must respect that…so go ahead and call them.  See if they answer the phone.  Then let’s take no answer as a yes and do something right.

I can find the money to do this. Americans are generous people. I already have a line on an airplane…a big one. I already have a pool of families who will do what it takes.  I have doctors who will care for the kids and social workers who will help make it all work.

What I don’t have is the permission of the US State Department….which is why the US Customs and Border Patrol called me five minutes ago to check if I actually had a plane in the air (which I do not).

US State Department, the weak link is you.

We have the will and we can make a way, but you must grant these kids emergency refugee status right now. Our policies that were hammered out during the best of times have now become a roadblock between these children and justice.  New circumstances demand new policies…and wouldn’t you rather err on the side of grace?

Let’s make a deal.  You work on it…and until you can fix it, don’t eat any food and don’t drink any clean water.  That’s the deal the orphans are getting right now.  Let your hunger and thirst drive you to do the right thing.

There’s this crazy little story in the 18th chapter of the Gospel of Luke.  It’s about a persistent widow who pesters an unrighteous judge until he gives in and does what is right.   What do you say we team up for a reenactment.  I’ll be the widow.

I’ll talk to you tomorrow.  And the day after.  And the day after that.


Randy Bohlender


117 Responses

  1. The Nunnally’s from Texas are solidly behind you. If you need homes for Haitian orphans we can help.

  2. I’m in.

  3. Randy, I am a teacher and my mom is a psychiatric nurse practitioner/Christian counselor. We are also wanting to be on the list to take children if you are able to get them.

  4. We tried adopting children from Haiti and they said we didn’t make enough income because what I make didn’t count. We have lots of room and lots of love! 🙂

  5. Yes! Amazing! Tell us what you need…We are home study ready, or if you need supplies, money, contacts etc. Let us know. Amazing. THIS is true religion.

  6. Our foster son just said he wants to take in 40 orphans! 🙂

  7. We’ve got room, love and the desire if you need us!!

  8. I have time and a heart to love kids. I am willing to give both in any capacity that would help! Driving, babysitting, cooking, playing, etc.
    Also, a good friend of mine is a Physician Assistant. I’m forwarding her this link. I know she will want to help.
    Praying for you as you persist!

  9. Licensed and ready to Foster/Adopt!

  10. Iam more than willing to take in orphans! And want to! Let me know! 🙂

  11. Would we have to be licensed? We’d certainly take in anyone!

  12. Rick in Houston
    can the plane make a stop in Houston?
    No seriously!

  13. We’re 100% with you. Can we write the State Dept? Can we call our Senator? What should we reference if we do?

  14. We are one step away from a home study for foster care…we will make the call if you need another family in Indiana to take a child.

  15. My husband and I are licensed foster parents and would love to take in children for short term or “for keeps.”

  16. Hey Randy and all – I am an RN and would love to help anyway I can – would love to go assist anyway

  17. where do we sign?

  18. Randy/Kelsey- one of our almost 18 year old twins wants me to send $100 out of her college savings to help with the Haiti orphan rescue effort. She said she only wished she were through her social work course already so she could help. It is on the way.
    Praying for you and for the State Department to quickly do the right thing NOW!!!

  19. Blessings on you for your heart for the children of Haiti.
    My husband and I agree that we would also be willing to take in a couple of Haitian children.
    What would we need to do to prepare ourselves?
    We have the resources to do this properly.
    Please contact us if you are able to bring children to be fostered in the U.S. and need homes.
    Barry and Joyanna James

  20. Home study and license are current…and we’ve got friends whose home studies and licenses are current, too! I’m with Rick…make a stop at George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

  21. We are in. We’ll do what it takes to be ready. What next?

  22. I LOVE YOU BOHLENDERS CLAN!!!!!!!! People after my own heart!!! Praying and believing!!!!!!!

  23. Yeah! Let’s pound the US State Dept! Hook me up with the info and I’ll pound with ya! I’m praying, pounding heaven for now! I got FOOD to feed ’em!!! Love you guys….you’re amazing! May God give you authority in the Heavens and on Earth.

  24. Lets do it!

  25. What do you need? Let us know. We have room, lots of love to share. I hope the US department responds quickley. Is there a form letter that we can send to show our support and send out the the senators, etc?

  26. We want to help! What can we do? We will pray. We would gladly open our home and provide care if given the opportunity. Would that require having home-study already completed?
    We will continue to pray. I sent an email to the State Department through their website. Is there some other way we should be mobilizing support?

  27. I’m in.

  28. We will take any children the Lord brings. Please update as to how we can help to make this happen for those precious children.

  29. We are in!

  30. I agree more than you can imagine. The orphans have weighed heavily on my husband and my hearts. I have been searching everywhere, trying to find a way to take a child in, whether it be until order is restored or for the rest of the child’s life. We would be willing to do whatever we needed. If something comes of this we would jump at the opportunity.

  31. What can a family that is not licensed or hasn’t done a home study have to do to take in kids?

  32. The Gilmans (IHOP, KC) weeks away from home study completion…Adoption on our heart!! Please add us to the list of available homes

  33. I am here and I am in. Would love to help in any way possible please let me know how I can help.

  34. We’ll take children! Just tell us what we need to do. We don’t have a home study… We love what you’re doing and will help out action to words! 1, 2, 3 whatever…We love children!

  35. I’m want to help any way I can. Who would I call to “pester” with you? Where would donations be sent? What about clothes and supplies once the children are here?

  36. My heart goes out to these children, adoption has always been on my heart since I was a child, especially internationally. I pray your agency can make this happen.

  37. Let us know what we can do.

  38. Just lit up Twitter with this link. Hopefully it will bear some fruit. May possibly get my Twitter account shut down. 🙂

  39. We will gladly help out with the orphans. I just said to my DH tonight while watching a tv show about the earthquake. Maybe we should adopt from Haiti!

  40. We’ll join up too.

  41. Totally in. Can we arrange for a few Arkansans to take in a child? By the way, Holt International has a letter written up for us to send to our respective states’ senators about loosening/changing Haiti’s outdated adoption laws. If we flood them with our pleas, perhaps Haiti will move. Look on the Holt website for the form. I sent one in on behalf of my family. What’s the worst that could happen? Our state government is made aware that we want these children?

  42. i say YES!!! I’m all in! Lord – make a way!!

  43. Dear Randy,
    Please let us know what the next steps are to obtain these children.

  44. Dear Randy, The Spirit of Adoption is gaining momentum!! I plan to share your letter and your vision, at our school’s chapel,
    as soon as possible. Children have a special way of receiving the unction to give and help! We admire you, tremendously, for all that you do! We will be in prayer for you!!

  45. Our house is waiting!!! We’re in!!!

  46. Randy,

    I just read this article to my husband Mark and his response was: “Why not us?” Wow…I am pleasantly shocked as I write this with tears running down my face 🙂 I will message you with specifics later today. Love to you and Kels.

  47. Call your senators, it is their job to pass along the will of the people. Call the State Department…maybe they’ll listen and wise up! And PRAY for God to move mightily to protect these innocent ones.

  48. We’re from Arkansas and would love to be a part!! We’re ready and willing. Those orphans need us! Thanks Derek Loux for your passion and heart which changed my life when I heard you speak back in September. Thank God I had that chance to hear you!
    We say yes!!!

  49. Last night as I watched CNN, I was thinking the same exact thing in regards to the need for a mass exodus of orphans out of Haiti. I believe the news report said that there are 300,000 orphans in Haiti (but don’t quote me on that) and I think it’s on the Lord’s heart to do something of this magnitude. At the very least, we need to get those orphans who are in harm’s way due to the destruction of the earthquake. It would be GREAT to see the State Department authorize such a feat. Praying…

  50. i’ll play another widow. i am sickened by the outcry from people “not wanting more illegal aliens on our shores”. hate that. starving, dying children…orphans no less. what does the Word say to do to orphans, afterall?!

  51. I don’t have alot of money, but have so much compassion for children who need adoption. There are so many couples not just in our country, but all over the world, who want children so desperately. How can they all group together and request that all orphans be evacuated as emergency refugees?
    For now, it would save their lives. Once here, there could be a source for any parents in Haiti, who might have been separated from their children, to reconnect.
    As an adoptee, I know how very important it feels to have been loved and wanted so much! We have loving couples — get those homeless children out of there! Unless they are removed, they will be street kids and become slaves to others! The orphanages that are there are mostly filled and can’t take any more!

  52. Praying, Praying, Praying. Would love to help. There are a couple of RN’s at our church with valid passports who want to hitch a ride on your plane to help. Asking for help from family and friends to pitch in. Let us in, pack ’em up and get ’em out safely. God speed.

  53. Oh yeah, we have room and lots of love at our house. Just need help in the right direction, and how to start it.

  54. My 11-yr.old son is one of those orphans that we were only waiting for his DNA testing to be finished being analyzed here in the states then get his passport and visa. All paperwork was already filled out and filed. Been in process over 2 1/2 yrs. Waited 11 months for 1 signature. We were within a few weeks of bringing him home. Already checking on flights etc.. Please pray that this effort will be fruitful.

  55. Count us in. We have on extra bedroom with two beds and an office that I can quickly convert into an office. We will do whatever we can – financially or physicially to help you make this happen.

  56. Sorry – I meant to say an office that can quickly convert into another bedroom. ..

  57. The Spirit of Adoption is rising and the church is getting ready to claim His children. Praying for favor with the State Department and Haiti. We already know this has the favor of God and He will swing wide the doors that need to be opened.

    This is going to be exciting!!! Someone take notes because as they grow up, these children are going to want to hear their story over and over again – how God sent His people to redeem their lives. I think Derek is in heaven interceding and jumping up & down and yelling, Go! Go for them now!!

    As Derek said, “My friends, adoption is redemption.”

  58. Praying the Lord opens doors to make this happen! We are in Alabama but would loe to help in any way…organizing something here, helping you in any way needd, and have open door for children needing a temporary or permanant home. We are also near children’s hospital and can help with medical care if needed.

    Blessings and prayers!
    Joy Portis

  59. I’m in Minnesota and I would LOVE to be a part of this…
    I will add my prayers to your plan – what a GREAT idea (in my opinion!!)

  60. There’s a family here in NJ wanting to take in a couple of sibling orphans! Keep us posted!

  61. We are about 30 minutes from St. Louis. We too would take in a child or children for foster care, however long that might be. We have an approved home study by a private agency here but are not in the state foster care system yet if that is a requirement. We have 5 bedrooms and were already praying for God to open the door He wants us to walk through as we pursue adoption opportunities this year. We would love to help these children in crisis. We’ve served overseas as international missionaries in South and Middle America for 6-1/2 years and know how hard life is for these kids when life is “good”. I can’t imagine what it will be like now!

  62. I can help transition them in and form a medical team for you since I am a PA and work with a lot of great docs and nurses.

  63. Brilliant thinking, Randy, and our family would be all in!!

  64. I want to see the desperate people of Haiti evacuated. Surely we cannot turn our heads away from this dire need right on our doorstep. America! President Obama! We, the people, want an evacuation plan NOW. When did we see you, Lord? We saw you in the earthquake ravaged population of Haiti.

    Thank you for listening.
    Donna Trivison

  65. We would love to help these precious children. We support your plan and will be praying.

  66. Our home is available, Randy. Count us IN on this!

  67. We’re home study ready and waiting for orders. Let us know!

  68. We too are ready and wanting to take advantage of our home study before it expires in March. I was just talking to the Lord about the fact that we long to expand our family and I know that kids are in need in Haiti but the divide seems so large! If something does come of your God dream…you can count on us!

  69. Please let us know what we can do to help. Money, a home, clothes, toys, anything. Will be praying. I see my two children and they are safe and happy- EVERY child deserves that. Food and shelter and a loving home- lets make it happen! God bless those little children and keep them safe.

  70. My name is Kjersti Johnson and my husband and I have been in the process of adopting two boys from Haiti for over two years now. They are located in Port de Paix. The IBESR building in Haiti was destroyed in the quake and now all of the adoptions at our orphanage that were almost complete, are at an indefinite standstill. We want to bring our boys home and we would be happy to open our home to even more. Please tell us how to help this become a reality.

  71. We have three adopted childen and we are more than willing to help any way we can. We have lots of room and could take in children. We are praying !

  72. Have money to give to the cause where do I donate?

  73. Our home is available, my arms are aching to hold & comfort even just one of these babies – do not have passport but willing to help volunteer in my Pittsburgh, PA area or can fly within US. Can/will obtain any & all necessary clearances/paperwork.

  74. I can’t stop crying….we are in ALL the way. Already rearranging bedrooms in my mind. Remember? “Randy Bohlender, you will prophesy!” Love you guys so much!!!

  75. Sioux Falls, SD, heard you speak when you were here at Church at the Gate…changed our lives…we would be praising God for the gift of a child from Haiti!

  76. Our Homestudy is expired. We live in CA but I am willing to get on a plane tomorrow and get one or two. We have enough room and income. For a week or a month or a year or more. I can work on updating the homestudy. I am a good hoop-jumper!

  77. We are able and would love to take a few children. Let us know what we need to do to be ready.

  78. Don and I live in KC. I am retired and home all day and he works. We have no background in social work, or home schooling, but I WAS an English teacher. We are living in Raymore and we have an extra bedroom. We can take in an orphan for temporary status or for good. Oh, I so hope this happens. I am forwarding all this to my pastor to share with the members of our church. WE ARE PRAYER WARRIORS and the watchmen at the gate, Please let us know what we specifically can do. THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS!

  79. Don and I live in Raymore, right outside KC. I am retired and He still is working. We can do this. but we have no home schooling background. In Oklahoma I WAS an English teacher and have been a substitute. We have one extra bedroom. We would love to have an orphan to love, whether temporarily or for what ever is needed. Please let us know what we can do. We live in a middle class neighborhood and no crime to speak of. Our Haitain orphan would be an honored person in our home, though we know we can never make up for the horror they have gone through. Let’s bring them on an airlift here to KC>>> Keep us posted.

  80. Hello. My husband and I wouldnt be in a position to adopt due to things with our visa, but we wanted to let you know that we are praying for God to open a door for the orphans to be adopted, rescued, and even for their immediate needs. God bless you for organizing this- We are praying for many green lights.

  81. […] the appointments and paper work made and done with in a couple weeks…And now when I read Randy bohlenders last post about getting the orphans out of Haiti and into homes…I can’t wait.  I need […]

  82. I agree and I would love to help house some children. What can we do in one day or two concerning the state department? I will pray.

  83. We would love to have some children in our home to love even if only for a little while.

  84. WE’RE IN.

  85. My husband and I were foster parents until we adopted 2 children in 2008. We would love to foster a child from Haiti! We will be praying for Gods will to be revealed for these orphans.

  86. we would love to take in some children. What do we need to do? Love children and would love to help out any way we can foster/adopt what ever. Let us know. We will be praying. Anything we can do please let us know. Thank you and God Bless you for all you do.

    Kevin and Terri Larsen, Grantsburg, Wi.

  87. Sounds like a plan. This is a year for divine plans. We are willing to help anyway we can. Indiana

  88. I live in KC and I am also an advanced nurse practitioner and a medical student who will receive my MD degree in Dec 2010. In addition to this, I have served orphans in Kenya and India throughout the years, and my husband and I fully support your cause, and will be willing to offer our assistance. We just completed an international homestudy and are working with Holt international, but will be willing to adopt ANY CHILD that God sends us. If you need a family, we are here. You have our full support and prayers

  89. We’re in Randy. We can house 3 more children if you need us. Thanks for all your efforts on behalf of the chlidren. We are praying for them morning and night.
    You have our full support.

  90. Renee – that means the world to us. We’re all in this together.

  91. I was seeing a mass exodus of orphans from Haiti in my mind and then in the magic of cyberspace found your blog late last night. AMEN!!!! I will do anything I can and we are just a few weeks away from moving into a new house with LOTS of room. We have adopted from China and have been planning to start adoptions from Ethiopia….we have switched gears and can fit SEVERAL children in our home and heart. WE WILL DO WHATEVER WE CAN.

  92. Randy,

    I have just found your blog through Reece’s Rainbow! We recently adopted a little boy with Down sydnrome from Ukraine so we have a somewhat current homestudy. We would be willing to help house a child from Haiti if need be. We are in Iowa and can get to Kansas City rather quickly! Please let us know if and/or when there is the need!

    Brigitte Van Nice

  93. On what issue is the government not the weak link? I applaud your goal (though not sure I’d call this a Luke 18 School of Politics). Not having a home myself, I’m hardly able to take in others, but I can’t imagine a better way to evangelize Haiti than adopting it’s children.

  94. We are in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, excited to see what the Lord will do here!!! We would feel so blessed to be able to care for one or two orphans from Haiti for however long care is needed. Keep us informed as to all of the legalities. And as the Lord makes a way, let us know where to fly and when.

  95. I LOVE IT!!! I’m IN, Siloam Springs is IN, northwest Arkansas is IN…AND TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH!!!

  96. My husband and I are praying! This is a wonderful idea! As soon as this horrible event took place, I was thinking back to hurricane Katrina and how so many people were without homes. In that situation, many people throughout the U.S. opened up their homes to those who no longer had one. And I was thinking, “I want to open up my home to Haiti! But how to make that connection across the borders!”

    If you can bring the children up here, my husband and I would love to take one if not two children into our home. And I know of two other families who would like to do the same!

  97. My family is in. We are foster parents ready to bring more children into our homes. Thanks to all those that pray for these little lives that need a safe place.

    Fort Wayne, Indiana

  98. […] Welcome to the Luke 18 School of Politics Randy Bohlender The Zoe Foundation Kansas City, MO US State Department Washington, DC To whom this may concern, I have […] […]

  99. I would love to take care of any children that need to a home.

  100. Amen!!! We just began our adoption process from an orphanage in Haiti just before Christmas!! We are still in shock after this tragedy! Our children as of tonight are in an orphanage in Port au Paix. We have heard they have no money, the bank remains closed, food & water is running out, & the generator is almost out of gas!! What are we going to do????? Please help!!!!! – Angie Lipscomb

  101. Let me know if there are children here needing homes. I have food, shelter and lots and lots of love. I’m in Portland Oregon and would take children for as little or as long as needed. I would travel to pick them up. Whatever it takes!!! Thanks.

  102. I will help in anyway that I can! Prayer first!!


  104. We can take 2 children and have an updated homestudy. We’re READY!!

    The Kellers

  105. In SD and praying in agreement. We’d love to host or help for a day or a week or a lifetime.

  106. Randy, we are praying for you for strength and resolve of spirit to do all that is in your heart. Also favor and more favor in dealing with government red tape…. etc…
    We are in the interview process of completing our home study for foster care through the state of MO. 2 interviews down, one or two to go… STARS training is done.
    We are willing to help house children from Haiti for as long as needed.
    Please contact us when you need us, is our e-mail here enough? If not please direct us on how to get complete information to your organization so that we will be available when the time comes.
    God Bless and Keep you in His loving care,
    Miguel and Katie Cepeda

  107. We have two daughters adopted out of LifeLine Children of Hope in Croix-des-Bouquet, Haiti.
    We support your efforts and want to be contacted if you are needing emergency homes for orphans.

  108. Thanks for your persistence. My husband and I are very willing to care for, even adopt a beautiful orphan. We’re staying updated. We’re ready.

  109. I have a spare room in Orlando Florida and have lots of love to give

  110. Our family is also very interested in and willing to help by offering a loving home and family to one or two orphaned children from Haiti. Please let us know if your plan might become a possibility. We have always wanted to adopt. After all the devastation in Haiti, our heart goes out to the people there, especially the children who are already so weak and innocent. We would love to welcome one or two children from Haiti into our home.

  111. We are IN. We will do whatever we can to help. We have two extra beds and could take two kids.

  112. My husband and I are interested, whether it be a temporary arrangement or a permanent one!

  113. Randy – We have an approved homestudy for an international adoption and are in the process of adopting from India. However, we are told she will not be able to come home to us for almost a year. In the meantime, we will gladly, lovingly house a child from Haiti and adopt if the child needs a home. Please keep us all updated. Thanks for what you are doing.

  114. I’ve spent many hours crying and praying over the children of Haiti! My husband and family would be more than overjoyed to welcome some of these children into our home! Please keep us updated so that we may take any action we can to be of help! Praying God’s hand in our government to overcome the hold on helping the children of Haiti!

  115. My hubby and I are licensed foster parents with a current homestudy. Add us to the list of potential homes- we’ll take a sibling group or kids with disabilities just like we currently do- we live near a major children’s hospital and already have great networks with therapists and doctors from previous placements. We’d be here short term, long term or whatever is needed. Let’s put faith into action!

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