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2010: A Grace Odyssey

Dear Twenty Ten,

I’m writing this letter to you a few minutes before you arrive, because I want you to know from the get-go what I am up to.

It is my intention – no, my vow – to wrestle every bit of life from you that I possibly can…that when 2011 comes around, that you leave this realm exhausted because I managed to live at least twice my alloted 365 days within the confines of your calendar.

In the next twelve months, it’s my pledge to say and write the most audacious things I’ve ever thought, and a few that I haven’t thought at all.  Recently, I caused a minor firestorm on facebook for admitting I’d quite using one phone for another.  Mark my words – one year from today many will rejoice and many others will be far angrier over what I’ve had to say about righteousness, grace, and other things that matter.

In the next twelve months, my children will discover a further measure of my love for them, doled out in a mishmash of grace, affirmation, love, and discipline.  They will also know that there is very little difference between grace, affirmation, love and discipline.

In the next twelve months, my wife will gain further understanding of the fact that I do believe she’s the most amazing person on the planet.  Recent months have opened doors for her in ministry. I intend on making sure she gets through as many of those doors as she can.

In the next twelve months, I want to believe for more than I believed for in 2009. I want to reach harder and burn hotter than I did in 2009.  Should someone want to write my story at the end of my days, I want them to stare at January 1, 2010 wondering “What in God’s name happened to him then?’

Twenty Ten, you and I are going to get along just fine, but know full well we’re going to be living this one out my way, and my way is His way.  Like it or not, here we go.  But to be clear, I like it.



7 Responses

  1. Awe.some. I feel the same way about the gift of this new year.

  2. I’m ready! I know I’ll be challenged but I anticipate the growth that goes along with the challenges you present.

  3. Awesome Randy!!!! I claim that thought for myself and my family for this year!!!! All the best for you and yours!!!!!

  4. I love the challenge in that second to last paragraph… that at the end of 2010 those around me will be like “What the heck happened to you.”

  5. Yeah. That’s it. That’s it! With a cr… err… su… err… “really bad” 2009 out of the way, I need to set my sights on something beyond myself. This post was what I needed. Thank you.

  6. Awesome. Also, I appreciate the reference in the title.

  7. […] been inspired by this post by Randy: In the next twelve months, I want to believe for more than I believed for in 2009. I want […]

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