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I Don’t Think God Speaks in Tongues.

Some time back I cooked up this idea of a series of uncooked posts…thought fragments that weren’t quite thought through well enough to be formal posts, but rather ideas-in-process, and I’ve been processing this one about two weeks and still can’t work it into a pithy little prose piece, so here you have it in rough form.

My thought is this:  We speak in tongues, but God doesn’t.

I grew up Pentecostal.  Some of you who don’t know me well might think that’s the strangest thing about me.  Those who do know me know otherwise.  Regardless, I grew up seeing people pray in unknown tongues and often hearing an interpretation that made it clear.

God doesn’t wait for an interpreter.  When He speaks…He who understands all languages and even groans in intercession for us.…when He speaks to us, He speaks our language.

The reason that specific song kicks you in the gut is because it’s written in your language.  It may only be a phrase, but it’s a phrase you’ve said or thought before, and when someone puts it to music and sings it back at you, something happens that is nearly visceral.

The reason that book rocks your world is because the author relates the unknown to your known.  He starts with your understanding and moves to realms that you would never have understood had he started writing with the ‘out there’.

The reason a prophetic word leaves you stunned (like my shoe experience) is because the word morphs the sacred and mundane in a way that reassures us that He sees and understands it all.

Have you ever had someone share something they felt the Lord was saying…and stared at them like they had a third eyeball?  Or worse yet, shared with a friend the very thing God whispered in your ear and found them looking at you that way?  Why the disconnect?

Our personal experiences often don’t make sense to others because God speaks our own language.  He whispers incredible things through familiar words.   To the movie buff, God appears on the big screen.  To the audiophile, He shouts through the speakers.   To the scientifically minded, He speaks through the cosmos. To the mathematician, all equations point to God the Greater.

He speaks in many ways, but be certain He is rarely truly silent…and when He does speak, He speaks to you in a form that resonates uniquely with how you are made.

Listen up.  Can you hear that?


8 Responses

  1. Oh, this is so encouraging to read! I have totally had those moments where I KNOW the Lord just spoke to me, but I’m almost scared to believe it was Him because it was so specific and said in a way that only makes sense to me.

  2. Wow!! Thanks for this…you pondered it just long enough for it to be MY word from the Lord!! I am giving a gift today to a co-worker but I was really nervous about it and thinking about not giving it to her….rationalizing in my head that I DIDN’T hear Gods voice saying give it to her!!

  3. Spot on. Makes perfect sense to someone that hears unique to my relationship with my Savior. The enemy will try to convince you that you really didn’t hear from the Lord but the Lord using your language convinces you until it makes sense and you own it.

  4. Great post Randy…

  5. Thanks Randy,

    I believe you wove the words around a few thoughts I have had but was unable to articulate.

    God bless you and your family

  6. I love this! It is so true; for me, the Lord has been speaking so much through His creation; A deer in the yard last summer, when we have never had one so close before; he was 3 feet from our back window; the return of frogs to our property as I have prayed because I miss hearing them… and an instant later saw the first one as I was gardening!(and they are TINY);an increase of butterflies as we have done plantings to attract them, but SO MANY more, and different ones… the best one was a cross of fire in my back yard last Easter…it appeared for only a few minutes, right after I had been praying about His descent to the dead. Two braches on either side of the tree had leaves left on them after a long winter,; none of the other trees behind and around it had any; and as the setting sun came around the corner of the house, it hit that very tree and that very place where the leaves were left..I think He saved them for that day…it truly looked like the tree was on fire! I have pictures…His love is so amazing…. I think He speaks in every tongue, no matter the language. Right on , Randy.

  7. This was perfect for me today. Just this afternoon I was lamenting that I just don’t know how to listen to Him! But, I really just fall into thinking I have to hear like others do instead of realizing that He speaks to me uniquely, and He does 🙂

  8. Haha, love it.

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